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And here come's the...
:new: Vathanx's Profile Card Template :D

About: This is a free deviantartID template for everyone, in the one PSD file! When I saw the amazing template from *petercui I instantly wanted to release my own! :D This is how my template was born...

Download. Customize. Use as your ID! :D
You are able customize & change everything in the PSD :)

Problems? If you need any help regarding the PSD, don't hesitate to ask me, I'm ready to help :)

Designed your own already? If you use it for your own ID please give me a link to it! I would be happy to see it :D

Special requests? Send me a note/email and I we will talk ;)

Remeber. You you can hide any of the element, for example if you don't do any freelance work, you can hide it, and put there something that is more important for you :)

I really hope you like this :) Enjoy it!
Don't forget to show me your works! :D

ps - here's my profile card :)
ps2 - No, you cannot press buttons on the preview ;)

:peace: Ryan::..
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Great card template. ill fill one up for myself. great job :D
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may you please include a .png file for prople without access to photoshop?
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does it have a file so people who don't have photoshop can use it?
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Nope, didn't work in Photoshop Elements 4.0 (lol it's so old). Do you have any without nested layers, since the layer groups appear to be the problem here?
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Wow!Nice work:-D Thank you!
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Hey. I don't have photoshop... is it possible to use it in gimp? and if :P
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really gorgeous))

<a href=[link] >запча�ти �убару форе�тер
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Thanks for this awesome ID template!
Used here: [link]
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Very nice, You are great!!
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Great Template, used here :
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Whoops, here's the correct link : [link]
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Thank you for this! It's awesome! Here's mine --> [link]
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I made this [link] with your nice template ^^ <3
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OMG! O_o
I had to make one!
Here's mine->[link]
I had to add a :llama:! lol
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thanks buddy
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Good job! 8D I'm downloading it right now! 8D Love it!
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This is Beautiful and I'm definitely going to use this, but one question, my PS doesn't seem to know the Font used, could you tell me which one that is?
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awesome. Really cool. Appreciate your time and work
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I'm guessing i need photoshop right? :(
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