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Hello there, today I presents you a totally free PSD file of a very-well-known web browser :D

It all started long time ago when I couldn't find any decent icon for my browser, finally some days ago I decided to make my own, only for myself. Then I thought, why not to share it with dA people :D Many would find it as a base on which they could learn & evolve their skills.

Producing time: 5 hours the icon + 5 hours the preview = 10 hours (!)

Hope you like it as much as me :D
Would be glad to see your creations based on this :)

If you have any questions or need to help with the PSD feel free to note me or send me an email :)
Enjoy :)

Terms of Use:
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License
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Thanks for sharing this resource! I have used it here (with credit):
Firefox by Velvet--Glove
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awesome,love it
Awesome idea
U inspired me to try it with Chrome [link]

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I can't seem to open the .psd in GIMP,, Paint Shop Pro, or ANYTHING that isn't Photoshop...
thanx Vathanx
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I used this here...too bad you are gone your work is awesome! [link]
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Tanx and fav
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Perfect job, respect to you ;)
good job my friend :-)
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Great work dude! :D
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:+fav: really amazing :)
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Thnx!!! a lot!!! I'm using it in my ObjectDock!!! :D
Can u made icon like this for Thunderbird plzzzzz!!! :)
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Thanks a lot for the appreciation :)
I don't use it... :)
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amazing. thank you!!
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they look awesome, nice work
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superb, i appreciate it
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