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Daily Deviation
December 15, 2007
As the suggestion note said, "~Vathanx has obviously put a lot of work into NEXTLevel and as a result has produced a stand-out item for the sparsely-populated vista skins gallery. Making vista skins is not easy due to the lack of tools, and we need to encourage more people like him to help get the ball rolling". I have nothing else to say than "amazing!". The best VS for Vista I've seen so far.
Featured by mauricioestrella
Suggested by chalkley3
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...the wait is over!
From now you can enjoy my newest visual style for Vista :D

Bring your desktop to the next level with the NEXTLevel!


Package contains:

NEXTLevel visual style in 2 versions:
modern taskbar
alternate classic taskbar

Matching nature wallpaper (dual monitor versions available):

| Ryan


Quick Guide:

To use custom visual styles you need to patch your system, via VistaGlazz or TuneUp Utilities

Next unpack 'NEXTLevel' folder to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' (where C is the partition with Windows installed)

Now you can change the visual style by clicking any .msstyle file, or via 'Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance'

Click here for the full installation guide

I want to thank very much ~Michel8170 for his help and support

Also ~patrickgs for the help,

~UkIntel & ~psycoB for their great work on HEX reserching

And thank goes to Mando for allowing me to use his wallpaper.

Some parts of this theme are inspired by Thallos VS, a beautiful theme for Windows XP by `-kol

Check out THIS custom shellstyle if you prefer topshell.

Check out also THIS sidebar skin to get more NEXTLevel.

Click here to get official NEXTLevel skin for the ObjectDock

Click here to get official NEXTLevel skin for the RocketDock

Update v1.1:

27-03-08 -> NEXTLevel has been updated - I've included the most requested "features" such as "new" classic taskbar with custom orb and transparency on maximized windows :D

Check update log below for full information.

NEW - version with classic taskbar + custom orb
NEW - transparency in maximized windows
CHANGED - overlay images in Alt+Tab menu
CHANGED - background image when dragging files in Explorer
CHANGED - redesigned sidebar of classic Save/Open file window

NEXTLevel has been featured as DD :D Big thanks to ~chalkley3 for suggestion and `manicho for featuring :nod:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License
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for windowblinds10 theme, go here

NEXTlevel on Windowblinds10
Where is download link? Please!
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This is interesting..I have question please? can I have the download link please? I will try it in my computer.. Thanks
is this working on build 14393 or anniversary update?
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This theme/visual style is BEAUTIFUL! Though I have to admit that the taskbar doesn't look to great against a pitch-black wallpaper, which i usually prefer to use.... having said that, it looks great with lighter-colored wallpapers.
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Question: Wheres da download link
BalkanskiSuperModel's avatar
i had this theme for windows 7 so if its not a problem to give me a link pls...
manurie's avatar
this is awesome but my lower preview panel don't show .. please help :(

here: [link]
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You really should port this to 7, wouldn't take too much work (and will make it easier to port to 8 soon enough).
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hold on man i didn't know you were a beast
Ishfwilf's avatar
how to change the title bar in Vista Builder???
can you please let me know how to change the titlebar image in Vistabuilder??
can you please let me know how to change the titlebar image in Vistabuilder??
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Hi! I'm a NEXTLEVEL lover and I'm currently working on a NEXTLEVEL theme pack for Xp. I need your permission to submit the work and use your NEXTLEVEL logo. Can you give me permission??? PLZ!!!!
beautiful. exactly what i was looking for.
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Very cool style! Thank you!!:D
And congratulations! Daily Deviation!:devart:
I would love to have this on Win7 as I had to reinstall my sys last week. On Vista I only used this Theme but on 7 there is just the one from fediaFedia and that doesn't have the grey orb....
Please make it for 7 again, please.

And I would like to suggest a Firefox Theme in your nextlevel style. Would pay a bit for it.
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Is there any way we can get this for xp? i love this skin
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Very nice style! Thank you! :D
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