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Media Center VS for Vista

And I'm back with 2nd update to my Media Center VS :D

Sorry for so long, but I' sure you'll enjoy this update :D

Everything is now more clear, glossy... with many bug fixed :)


visual style
● shellstyle
● 2 wallpapers
● skin for LogonStudio Vista
● *NEW! Vista Sidebar style

Hope you like it :)
Comments and favs are greatly appreciated :D

Recommended links:

TuneUp Utilities 2007 for Vista - to apply new visual styles without hacking your system...

LogonStudio Vista - to give your logon screen a new look...

DeskHack - to know what style to apply...

Windows Sidebar Styler - to apply sidebar style...


● 13-07-2007 update - fixed bug - cannot apply vs when KB933928 hotfix is installed

● 22-06-2007 update - added - Vista Sidebar style!
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nothing for windows 7 :(
Hei that's good job.. but i confuse to use or aplly in my comp.. can you tell me?
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So simple and cool but, im suing TUNE UP to apply this, the Shell change but not the TASKAR why? I have SP2
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hey what dock do you use? and what do you use to get your current song in wmp to show up on your desktop?
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Thank you for making this theme, it is my absolute favorite, the style you put into the buttons keep me LOVING this theme.
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omg armin van buuren!
i luv him too :)
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Hi Vathanx thanks for your work, I'm using it right now! I'm interested too to your WMP... :D I think you are using a different wmploc.dll, because of the bars that replace that ugly blue musical note... where I can find it? Thanks again! Oh, and don't mind my crappy english, i'm Italian!
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I'm glad you like it :nod:

You mean the visualizaion in the bottom left corner? It is a real visualization. You can switch between 3 options there. Just click it :)
Wow!!! o.O Enormous and absolutely amazing work, thanks really!!!! But, simple question, where I can find your WMP visualization? Thanks again!!
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This is a simple one :)
The visualization you can find here: [link] :)
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hey vathanx could you please tell me what gadget you are using on the top right?
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Don't remember the name of it already... But check this site: [link] :)
shazic7's avatar
thnx i found it quickly
Wstv-News-23's avatar
can i say how to get tune up utilitys 2009 for free... it is much cooler and better to edit.... and always has the same access key
Vathanx's avatar
What do you mean?
Wstv-News-23's avatar
you can get tune up utilitys 2009 for free... and it has more vista editing features... like start screen boot screen start up animated logo... and you can make them all your self
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Ahh, yes I aware of that ;)
how do i install this theme??
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Follow the guide here [link] :)
i'm using it, that's nice
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I'm glad to hear that after all this time :)
Thanks i liked that very much
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