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Media Center Theme - UPDATE 1

Media Center Theme for Vista :D



• Visual Style
• Shellstyle
• LogonStudio Vista Skin
• Wallpapers, normal and widescreen

I updated some bitmaps with new, that I think looks better.

The theme is not yet finished

Hope you enjoy :D

Requirements: UXTHeme Patch for Vista -> [link]

>>New version released!<<
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nice think you!
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Late, maybe, but this is the PERFECT VS.

Freaking love it man, kudos.
where is your media center.theme..?
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Wow, I have that EXACT same heart.
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It looks just like aero...
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a nice job last I found the perfect visualstyle for my new desktop...greetz go out to you Vathanx
great man! nice job! but someone for xp?
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Thank you a lot :salute: There should be some versions for XP :)
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You want to say something?
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You had the Oblivion DVD inserted. :nod:
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it don't work ;/
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What's the problem?
where do i put the files? program files? i wanna use the skin, but dunno wherer to put it, u know its no instalation :P
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Put 'Media Center' folder to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' where C is the drive with Vista installed :) Then run the Media Center.msstyle file :)
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gr8. thanks for this.
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a co mi tam - kaj moje knefle?:D
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