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Dropbox Icon

By Vathanx
Dropbox Icon
...a small set of 4 icons for the popular file sync & backup web service!

Here you go, my newest icon project :D
This one was very funny to work, I learned quite few new techniques & I can say I'm satisfied with the result :)

Not sure what is DropBox? Check it out here: [link]

Package Content:
4 .ico files - size up to 256px
24 .png files - size up to 512px

I hope you enjoy it same as I enjoyed time spent on making them! :D

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License
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I've added my signature and some flashes here and there...
:D (Big Grin) Nod 
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awesome work, buddy.
mascaranegra's avatar
Thank you beatiful!
BryanKun's avatar
Thanks, I was searching for an icon like this! Thanks again! :3
hellhoundp2k's avatar
Beautiful and just what I needed. Thank you. :)
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Just what I needed, thanks a lot! :clap:
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I was looking for a good dropbox icon, thanks very much!
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very nice man!
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Always welcome. :)
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I see you added glow from inside the box :thumbsup: i really like the icons :)
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Thanks a lot Patrick :thanks:
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hoho, you really make the most gorgeous floors in your preview images.
the icons are great as well and i like how the boxes are somewhat glowing from the inside.
perfect choice of colors, too.

great work again, Ryan! :thumbsup:
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Thanks a lot Otis :thumbsup:
I'm glad you like it :nod:

I'm going to record a basic tutorial about how to do create such type of "presentation" in close time :)
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you're welcome! :lol:

oh yes, that's some really great news!
i'm so much looking forward to it. :excited:
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