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Slavic mythology. Zmey Gorynych


The cover of the book "Envoys of the Gods: A slavic mythology book":…
Author Joaquin Estrada Zepeda.

Zmey Gorynych is one of the best-known of many dragons, known as zmey, zmaj, or zmiy, in Slavic mythology. Gorynych, like most zmej, resembles the Greek hydra in having three heads, which regrow unless all three are cut off simultaneously. He is the primary antagonist in a famous Russian folktale, in which he captures a noble maiden and is consequently slain by the folk hero Dobrynya Nikitich.

Gorynych is quite similar to the malevolent dragons of Western Europe, but not all zmey are viewed as malicious. Though lustful and greedy, Slavic dragons are also intelligent and well-respected. Indeed, many Slavic heroes are believed to have connections with dragons, perhaps most notably Vlad III Dracula, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s vampire, whose surname translates to “son of the dragon.”

Змей-Горыныч – олицетворяет зло в народных сказках и былинах славян. В разных сказаниях описание Змея расходится, именно поэтому составить точный портрет этого персонажа весьма затруднительно. Но принято считать, что Змей-Горыныч – это говорящее драконоподобное существо, с тремя головами, с хвостом и медными когтями, обладающее способностью дышать огнем, при этом выпуская из ушей дым. Голов у Змея может быть от 3 до 12, а хвостов от 1 до 7,  в зависимости от источника. Перемещается Змей по воздуху, но о наличие крыльев сказки умалчивают. В представлении современного человека Змей идентичен крылатому  дракону с тремя головами.

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Russian and German mythology cuz russia same to German and poland and other countries its like idk same to western mythology too cz crusaders killings dragons I rly dk but internet saying y abt this 
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классная вещь!
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Ну разве не красота? Я всегда любила нашего змеюшку Горыныча, а Вы сделали его вообще красавцем)
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Their heads are Tyrannosaurus. 
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Wonderful! Clap Hug 
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you are amazing, i didn't knew slavic legends also have "zmey", I am from Romania and we also have them, we just call them "zmei" or "balauri".  Usually they kidnap princesses, but they can be sometimes wise, intelligent and just. 
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Vlad Dracula wasn't Slavic he was Vlachic, Romanian language is derived from Roman Latin, and the people decend from the Vlach tribes not the Slavs.

Romanian mythology is actually part of slavic mythology. Vlad is a slavic name, vlad tepes likely wrote in church slavonic.

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My New Feature honors this image.
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Reminds me of Ghidrah/Ghidorah. Golden dragon with 3 heads? Yep. King Ghidrah. Cool story.
Actually, Ghidorah was supposedly inspired by Zmei Gorynych. 
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That makes sense. Sweet. 
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Makes one wonder was Ghidrah inspired by an actual mythological creature when he was first created.
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nothing is new under the sun.
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Greek Hydra is overrated anyways
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Very nice work! :) (Smile) 
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Stunning manipulation.  Nod 
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beautiful artwork xd
wow! this is amazing!
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