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Slavic mythology. Vuzhalka

In the Belarussian mythology  Vuzhalki - is the daughter of the Snake prince. It's young  beautiful girls but they have a snake tail instead of legs..…
Немало в белорусской мифологии и человекоподобных существ. К таковым, например, относятся вужалки - дочери ужиного князя. С виду это молодые красивые девчата, сидящие на ветвях и расчесывающие свои золотистые волосы. Вужалки так похожи на людей, что с ними можно было бы весело проводить время, если бы не одно но: вместо ног у вужалок змеиный хвост.  Хотя, может, оно и к лучшему: несмотря на то что сами вужалки не делали человеку никакого зла, вокруг места, где они сидели, кишмя кишели разные гады - таким образом ужиный князь охранял своих дочек.

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That is just gorgeous, and so realistic! I love the Slavic world! Are they related to the Nagas of India? The picture looks tropical!

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The lighting is a great deal of fun giving one the impression of a warm sun after a cool swim- and that pose is really set off by the apple in her hand , so the setting and information given in the description make this into a wonderful story. The jewellery is fantastically intricate and I really believe in the narrative. Instant favorite.
Thank you very much for sharing your work with us.
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Awesome :love: great details ... :clap:
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Heart omfg Eyepopping WOW very nice! Love it!  Clap Worship Heart 
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very nice work !

regards Bernd
Красотища!! Очень понравилось!! Профессионально!
Story of Naga Princess Uloopi :-)
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Awwww, and here i came in expecting maybe a bit of mythology I hadnt learned about yet....

Disappointing....  does anyone have a translated version of the Russian the authors put up in the description by any chance?
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Their images are very crazy! Beautiful work!
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wonder who would win in a fight. Her or Medusa
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İt seems like these particular creature\s are way much peacefull compared to Medusa.

Also; medusa (and most Gorgons) have\had the ability of Percefication\Stoning ability.
And they have\had good skills with Arrows; natural warriors.

So; mostly Medusa (And gorgons). Althrought ı am sure these girl\s have th protection of their father (who is a god\deity)
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