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Slavic mythology. Semargl


Semargl (or Simargl) - Ognebog.
There is mention of the appearance Semargl the light from the flames. It is said that once he heavenly blacksmith Svarog, magical hammer hitting a rock Alatyr carved stone divine spark. Sparks flared brightly, and their flame appeared Semargl fiery god, seated on a horse Goldrinn silver suit. But it seemed quiet and peaceful character, Semargl left scorched trail wherever no one had gone before his horse.

Semargl night stands guard with a flaming sword, and only one day a year he comes down from his post, in response to the call Globeflowers that calls him to love the game in the autumnal equinox. On the day of the Summer Solstice, after 9 months, and Semargl Globeflowers children are born - Kostroma and Kupalo.…

Согласно преданиям, после того, как Сварог ударил магическим молотом о камень Алатырь, высеклись искры, из разгоревшегося пламени которых предстал огненный бог Семаргл. Новоявленное божество восседало на златогривом коне серебристой масти. Где бы ни появлялся, где бы ни проезжал бог огня, везде оставался выжженный след. Символ божества — священный крылатый пес, в облике которого также мог появляться сам Семаргл.
Бог является посредником между мирами, людьми и богами, он способен быстро путешествовать от Яви к Прави и обратно. Семаргл защищает мир смертных, не пуская в него зло. Каждую ночь бог стоит на страже с огненным мечом в руках, готовый отразить любую атаку сил тьмы. Лишь один раз в году бог огня может покинуть свой пост: в день Осеннего равноденствия Семаргл откликается на зов Купальницы, призывающей на любовные игры. А спустя девять месяцев, в день Летнего солнцестояния, у богов рождаются дети – Кострома и Купало.

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Классная игра, меня впечатлила на редкость, но я еще люблю играть на деньги на официальном сайте из рейтинга топ 10. Уже несколько раз выигрывала деньги.

How does the winged doggie fit in?
Does he turn into it, or is it a campanion like his horse?
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You made really unbeliveble job! It's so hard to finde right stock and make it looks so great! Clap La la la la 
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So Beautiful Heart 
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OrangeRoses by KmyGraphic Congratulation by KmyGraphic

your Deviation Its Beautiful by KmyGraphic and now featured by :iconlove2manip:

Best Wishes by KmyGraphic
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Once I was coming back home from my friend's birthday (I was alone and it was a long way), it was after 2am, when I was half way from my house I noticed a big dog whitch I just ignored and kept walking but he started to walk beside me so I walked with him to the very door of my house, at the end I pat him on the head and walked into the house. I know it's silly but I like to think that it was Simargł watching over me. I just wanted to share this story. (sorry for my bad english)
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And I forgot to tell you that your art is really beautiful.
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Your art has been featured in our journal @
Visual Inspiration
Hi. Can I use and edit this picture for my page… ? 
I want to write to the image few words about god and spread image to peoples. 
Thanks for your response.
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You can use this picture for non-commercial purposes.
This is amazing. I'm just starting into compositing pictures. This is an example of what I will never be able to attain.
Wow this is fantastic. I would love to know how you create these beautiful images
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Woa! Great pictures (This one and others): I'm a lover of mythologies!
Amh... the winged dog? I found a winged dog in armenian mythology. There is one also in slavic mythology?
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Incredible beauty!! 
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Very cool!  Looks like a painting. :-)  And thanks for sharing that fascinating mythology.
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