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Slavic mythology. Belobog and Chernobog


His name means ‘Black God’. He is a dark demonic deity, a hideous shadowy figure dressed in black who only appears at night.
The lord of evil, CHERNOBOGcauses calamity and disaster, bringing bad luck and misfortune wherever he turns. There is no hidden agenda — he just enjoys being a black-hearted villain. He is the Darth Vader of Slavic mythology. His opposite number is BELOBOG, the White God of Goodness. The two of them are in eternal conflict.

Славянскую мифологию пронизывает идея противостояния двух богов, Чернобога и Белобога.
Белбог или как его ещё называют Белобог и Белун - это бог добра, удачи, счастья, блага и света. Он символизирует чистое весеннее небо, ясную солнечную погоду, радость света и весны.
Чернобог или черный Змей, Кощей у древних славян считался повелителем Тьмы и Темного царства. Это бог холода, зла, смерти и уничтожения, с Чернобогом связаны все несчастья, беды и горести.
Братья Белобог и Чернобог всюду следуют за человеком и записывают в книги судеб все его дела, добрые и злые. Позже их заменили ангел-хранитель, стоящий за правым плечом, и черт - за левым.

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So beautiful amazing work :clap: :heart:

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My drawing of the two characters is a couple of cycloptic humanoids
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I really don't think Chernobog's a bad guy
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very delicate

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Beautiful. Lets feature in :iconspectrum-of-art:
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Incredible art
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Fantabulous concept and work!
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Basically Godcat from Epic Battle Fantasy 4.
Just in a human form.
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That is so cool! Love the details! :D
Hi. Can I use and edit this picture for my page… ? 
I want to write to the image few words about our Gods and spread image to peoples. 
Thanks for your response.
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You can use this picture for non-commercial purposes.
Here is edited picture. I writed name of image author, url of this picutre and text author with url. Can be?…
Западнославянские божества
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I like Belobog's Jedi outfit =P
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..... Could you please do pictures of them separately when you get a chance?
Please and thank you
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I saw your works earlier, before I join to deviantart. That most interested me was pics about slavi mythology. Grat work Vasylina!
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This is awesome!
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Excellent image! It immediately made think of "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman.  
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