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Tda 0401 Bliss.pmx and .fx for MMD

By vasilnatalie
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Edit: I've updated this model.  Check out the link at… .…

I appreciate any comments.  If there's anything I can do to make it more usable for you, please let me know.

Edit: lol I figured out how to render > 4096x4096.
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Ty for the link. Dl'ed!
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Sure!  Long time ago.  Hope you enjoy.
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WOAHWOAWAWAWWOAWOWA Thank you, you have a nice art.
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it!
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" lol I figured out how to render > 4096x4096."
the max I did was 3840x2160 I think.
higher, mmd does not want. :(
and even sometimes 2160p is not possible. :((
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It took some shader work and compositing :)
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She is cute. A bit of a heavy load for my poor laptop. Takes 15 seconds to load her. The color changing eyes are cool tho. I will have to use her for something when I get my tower fixed. She does have a few free floating bones that might need cleaned up. A bone in her abdomen is labeled "hair" and is attached to nothing as well. Could just move them around and rename them "dummy" for OP registering. Like assign one to each wrist and label them "dummy R hand" and "dummy L hand". Something like that. Nice work overall tho! 

P.S. I tried to load her .FX on another TDA model....That... didn't go well. Turned her pitch black and her face went invisible. LOL.
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Those are not free-floating bones.  They have functions  :)

Sorry about the load time.  I don't tend to use dummy bones myself-- you can attach directly to the hand.  Is there some reason for them that I can't think of?

Edit: Yeah, the effect isn't designed for any other models, lol.
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Not really honestly. I didn't see how they did anything tho, so they seemed like orphaned bones to me. I see that a lot in most models. Most models have a slider instead of a bone for those kinds of functions. So it is a bit odd. Took me a bit to figure out how they worked. I like the skin tho. Would be awesome if you could make it work for any standard TDA model.
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1) Make sure you've got bones hidden (so that you're seeing the effect version, and not the base version).

2) Move (not rotate) the hair bone in the X or Y axis.

(edit: oops, pardon, I missed what "not really honestly" was in reply too-- thought you were saying they didn't really have functions)
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Yea I figured that out after the first post. Thats why I said most have sliders for that kind of thing. I do like how it works like the color pallet giving a full spectrum of color to cycle through. Maybe you should make one for the eyes? Then it would be the ultimate base! Noob friendly, with no real editing skills needed! 

Serous about wanting a version of the skin effect for standard TDA models tho! It would be super awesome!

Also might want to add a "how model works" Image that shows how the sliders work. I would make one for you but rendering is impossible on this thing.
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There are a few problems with morphs: you can't set starting values at anything other than 0; you can't get continuous feedback on values outside of the 0-1 range; and you can't attach them via OP to other bones to simplify animation.  That's why, even though other effect authors tend to use .x file controllers, or morph controls in the rare case that they use .pmx controllers, I prefer to use bone-based controls.  I think this is a situation where, yeah, everybody else does things one way, but my way is better.

The hair is actually just intended to be used in a short range of values, but I left more than what I needed accessible because, hey, I think it's kind of fun.  In the case of the hair, the only real parameter I use is a single, solid color-- there's no real texture image.  In the case of the eye, I use an actual texture for a more detailed image, and the eye shader is  more complicated.  Still, I could build some color change into it.  Is there a particular eye you'd like to see?

Regarding using the skin for other models: most MMD models have poor UV mapping (texture mapping).  That creates problems with how I paint the skin.  I could create a general effect just for skin, with MME subset-extract, but the odds are high that it would look really, really bad on most models.  (Learning about this was basically how I started learning both modelling and programming.)  If you'd like, I'll build it for you-- it should take less than an hour to throw together-- but the odds are high that it won't work well.

Thank you very much for checking out the model, btw!
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Good to know. I have not started playing with making morphs and such yet. I would like to get into doing stuff like that but this laptop can't handle that and my towers HD crashed so I have to fix that first. I only use PMXE at the moment so I don't even know how well that will work.

If the effect would not work well then don't worry about it. I just wonder if it can be done so it does work well. I honestly don't know much about making effects yet.

I would love to invest more time but collage classes have me busy and I'm looking for a job at the moment. Time and money are short on my end. I like doing 3D modeling on my off time(when my comp was working). But I don't have the funds to throw at real 3D modeling software or the classes for it. And I know nothing about programming either. Some day soon I will have the time and money tho. Once I get my degree and get my company started and running. Then I will have time and money to do anything. That's the plan anyways.

I like checking out models and trying to help people improve on the things I do know about. I can fix physics and most common texture layering issues,usually the "blush" is out of order creating a white box, as well as fix some broken bones. Most commonly the circle x bone or "rotation" bone is not assigned and causes weird graphics issues when adjusted.
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I went ahead and made the effect, and you're welcome to try it.…

(I'm a big believer in trying things based on the ease of doing so, rather than the expected return-- there are too many times when I've been surprised.  It's worth trying anything that's easy.)
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Also the load time is because my laptop is a junker. So don't sweat it man.
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Looks good! I've learned some art technique from this piece too, so thank you! :nod:
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Thanks!  Learned art techniques?  That's really nice to hear-- I'm just an amateur, throwing shit together.
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Amateur or not, your work has been an inspiration - so thank you! :D
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