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Rocks get faves

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But I'm not just fave-whoring here, it didn't take much work to improve this a lot and I was proud of myself.

Mat's had some rework-- including cutting down on the stretch, which required a subtract rather than a pow, math, who gets it-- but the bigger improvements are modifier stack in conjunction with true + bump displacement,  Bevel makes for better rocks than subsurf.
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It does look nice. I'm wondering though how many rocks you see in nature that are this round? I also wonder what would happen if you start pulling the mesh into irregular shapes and angles? Would you be able to maintain the quality of the mats or would they distort? Would you then have to tweak the mats to restore the quality?

I'm not knocking you here for your work. The work here is good. I like it. Just making an observation about natural rocks and asking questions. This rock here looks like something someone made for an underground/cave trap. And that's fine. Maybe that's what you need and are looking for? I don't know. I did see on another post you mentioning working on a cave project, but I don't know what all that entails. For all I know, this might be ammo for a slingshot - which would also be cool as shit.
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Well, that's a good point.  The reason this is a spheroid is in order to do some testing related to the way that I make this material.  A perfect cube wouldn't show much blend (a little, because bump maps affect it.)  Or, if it was rotated 45 degrees off, it would show a lot of distortion-- all it would show is blend.

If I wanted to make Machu Picchu out of stone blocks, the material would require editing.  The first step would probably be to randomize the angle used for each individual block (which doesn't have to be tedious, actually getting randomness there for any number of blocks is just a couple of keystrokes.)  That would have to a be a normal distribution for the randomness, to avoid both the blockiest angles and the most distorted angles.

Or, when I need to make Machu Picchu, it might better to change it from a cubic projection to some different vectors-- say, a tetrahedral projection, or maybe from more 6 directions.

First, though, the goal is to use this material to make some caves, and I think it'll be fine for that, but I'll see :)
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And then I had to look up Machu Picchu. :D

OKAY! Now I don't feel so bad for asking all these questions. I know my questions seem simple, but I know the answers are going to be complex. It's frustrating when most of the time I only understand about half of it to begin with at best.

So basically this boulder is a test for the cave walls?

But.... I've got to know, why would you want to build a mountain out of stone blocks? :think: 

I look forward to seeing your project come to fruition! :excited: 
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What I'd want to make out of stone blocks would be something like… .
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Ah! That makes more sense. Nod 
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animaniac72Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is a nice looking rock.
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