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Painting MMD weights in Blender

I know a lot of people that are still painting weights in PMXE.  PMXE is a really awful way to paint weights.  Any weights you want to paint are easier to paint in Blender.  And there is a lot more that you can do with Blender weight painting if you want.  I waited way too long to learn some of this stuff myself, and I wasted a lot of time doing things the hard way.  Painting vertex-by-vertex is the hard way.  Trying to do BDEF4 in PMXE is the hard way.  Painting anything that can be weighted perfectly fine with automatic weights, anything like skirts or hair or tentacles or whatever, is the hard way.

This is kind of a lazy tutorial, very text heavy, but I hope that the pictures are sufficient to show you where to look.  I'm assuming that anybody reading this tutorial already knows some basics, like importing MMD models, separating by materials, and basic Blender navigation.  If you don't know that stuff yet, and can't find info on it, let me know, I'll get you what you need to read.

A lot of the time, people want to know recipes-- like 2 cups of flour, hit this button then that button, mix for fifteen minutes with 1 cup of water.  But that's not a good way to do what you want.  You need to actually start thinking about what some of this stuff means.  It's just numbers.  When you know what it means, you can use it to do what you want to do, instead of using it to do what somebody else did.  I don't get too much into the raw numbers, but I can if anybody wants.  Hopefully the info here is enough info to let you see what you can do, to get you started on thinking about what it all means, so you can develop your own techniques.

And if there are any questions or problems, I'm happy to do what I can to help.  Just ask.
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i have a problem. i can't select source object, it writes me "failed to set value"
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If you explain in more detail, I might be able to help.  When are you getting that message?
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okay, i will try to explain. when i try to select source object (for example clothes), i can't choose 'em, the whole model is selected. and after it, it writes "failed to set value", so i can't start drawing weights. what should i do to select source object in a right way?
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Well, the first thing is that its okay to select the whole model-- in fact, a lot of the time, that's exactly what you want.

But there are some basic things you can do to separate an object into multiple objects.  You can tab into edit mode, select some verts, hit p and choose selection to separate your selection into a new object.

It sounds like you don't have a lot of experience with Blender.  As I wrote, the information on this page is for people who already know a bit more than that.  As a person who hates video tutorials, I found… to be very useful, but if you prefer videos, there are a ton of Blender tutorials on Youtube.

Presumably, it writes "failed to set value" in response to some action that you're taking, not just selection of the whole model.  What exact steps are you taking that lead you to that message?
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I realize this is a bit late to bring up, but I'm assuming that these tutorials are meant to be timeless guides to help people understand the depths of Blender. Also, I'm fairly experienced with blender so I'm certain there isn't any prerequisite instructions I'm missing at the moment. Here is a image showing exactly what my issue is:…
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It's all cool.  This isn't timeless, because nothing is, but I'm happy to help.  But that image doesn't show much.  Among other things, it doesn't show what you just did.

What are you trying to do?  How are you trying to do it?  I'd need to know those things to help you.

After that, probably a copy of the .blend file would let me figure out exactly what's happening to you.
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Thank you. I really appreciate people like who as you mentioned, actually do something useful for the world, something that involves helping people and not tricking them into giving away their money. I'm like that too, and I provide whenever I can. Of course, some people tend to start using you when that happens, and at times, you have to tell them to Stop.

Anyway, so getting to the point. I'm trying to use blender to correct the rigging on the giant dinosaur you see. This model was already a pre-existing MMD model, but the author didn't do a great job of rigging it. If you try moving the bones on his arms and legs you'll notice that they are rigged completely to one side instead of the correct corresponding bones. Moreover, I also wished to apply center point physics in relation to the ground for MMD, but thats secondary. I actually got a nice read from the article you wrote on "spinal rigging" on my search for learning about that. Once again, Thank you very much. Here is the .blend file,!AtUwonlWFY1HhkAzWR…
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Okay.  So what's the problem?
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Thank you for this. After NaNo I plan to explore this myself and start tinkering. I still hate skirts.
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Sure, looking forward to what you make!
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Thank you very much for this tutorial, I can now understand better what was wrong when I was importing my MMD model in Blender and the weight paint screwed, plus a lot of utility said here.
Definitively a must have tutorial, I'll test that with my model for finally paint with 3 or more bones because in PMXe and BDEF4 I was very lost on how to use it correctly.
Thanks again Thumbs Up 
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Happy to help!  Let me know if you have any issues, in case I screwed anything up in my explanation.  Blender really is a better way to do weight painting.
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Alright, I'll let you know if I have any problem or question :)
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