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Laptop.pmx for MMD



I needed a laptop model recently.  I looked.  Everything had rules.  Kee-rist, peeps.  I ended up using a 2D picture instead.

Then, today, I wanted to make something, but I wanted to make something easy, because I've been feeling lazy lately.  So I looked on Blendswap.

You know, all of those people with the meshes with rules?  They do exactly the same thing I do.  They find a mesh that somebody else made, they run it through an export script, they add a little bit of flash, pizazz, whatever they can think of, and then they release.  Half the time, they're using a base for which editing has been plainly, explicitly forbidden by the artist (game rips).  The other half of the time, they're using a base that was released in the public domain or under a CC-0 license.  And then they turn around, after having done a fraction of the work the original modeller did, and add a bunch of rules.

People.  Nobody is getting famous doing this.  Nobody is ever going to make any money ripping other peeps' meshes.  Too many people are acting like kids who's parent-type-thing just built them a treehouse, excited that finally they're the one that gets to make the rules.  "No distribution!  And no girls allowed!"  And to my mind, it's totally disrespectful of all these awesome people who shared their meshes with us, without making a single rule.

So, here.  Hopefully it is the one laptop to rule them all.  Let me know if it doesn't do something that you want it to.
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