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Download white pony tail hair for MMD


Fitted to missmmd base (head not included, see… )  Includes everything else, bangs and pony and scalp.

Made to spec for ToadieOdie .

Rigged with physics.  Original mesh + textures.  Made in Blender.  Released CC0, no rules.

Let me know if you want original Blender files for anything, a little too scattered to be worth cleaning up if nobody wants them for anything.
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Love the Hair. Used it on MY newest OC. Had to edit a little to cover a poor ear removal on base model.
The hair was fantastic.
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It looks great!  I like what you did with it.  Always nice to see when something I made was useful to someone, thanks for letting me know!
It look like Arslan ! Love it !
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Glad you like it!  Who's Arslan?
It's a character from a manga and a TV series. You can find it by type Arslan on Google.
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Just looked-- lol that would have been perfect source material for what I was trying to do, I would have ended up with something better using it :)
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I just looked it up myself, the similarity is close! :O
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I don't know what I would use the Blender files for. Everything in this download came with everything I can think of that I would need for adjusting or tweaking at my skill level. And I do know how to convert it all into Blender if I decide giving that another whack.
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When I was editing other people's meshes, the reason I would have appreciated originals would be to get the quad structure, and to drop subdivision modifiers (reduce vert count cleanly).
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Oh I see. I currently don't have a reason to edit the shape of the hair.
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This looks good. I'm surprised you got it done so fast! I'll be giving it a test run here soon and let you know how it goes! Thank you so much. <3
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Well, I should've put more work into it :)  There are issues where I just said, screw it, good enough.  That's weights, physics, vert count.

But, you know, I think it looks good enough.  Looks better in animation than in a still with the sphere, specular, + good mesh density.

Fixed those ugly little hangers on the pony tips, just forgot to update the pic.

Plus, white hairdos are easy to recolor in GIMP, and I think it fits the base-- ie, people using that base will like this hair-- so not a bad two days' work.  Getting better at my style, whatever that is, so faster than last time I tried.
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It loads fine into MMM, but comes out darker in it that your screenshot. I assume this is due to lighting differences between Blender and MMM. A few tweaks with the camera settings and the hair appeared white no problem. At the moment the physics look good, but I can always adjust it later if I need to do something specific with it.

I never noticed any hangers in your pic. @_@

I think it looks great, and I hadn't thought about it being white making it easy to recolor but that's super true. Anyone wanting to use it can get whatever hair color they want on it. So that's a bonus. I'll have to keep that in mind for future requests - for anyone I might ask - since I can do a recolor myself easy peasy.

Weird that I can still get more out of the camera lighting for atmosphere than I have been able to with any effects I've found, but I suppose that's because I haven't found many that are compatible with MMM. OR maybe I just like it simple? Maybe I'm lazy. Probably that.
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It's actually an MMD render, not Blender (want to give an idea of what it looks like where it's used).  I haven't used MMM, not much at least, but it really ought to render the same as MMD.  It's possible that I screwed something up, I'll double check, but as long as it's looking good to you, I guess that's good enough.
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Really? That makes me curious now. I do have a copy of MMD kicking around somewhere.

I would ask if it's possible that my graphics card is to blame, but then I would think it would effect how I would see your screenshot too.
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Graphics cards could be to blame, in a way that would only affect 3D rendering and not screenshots, but it's unlikely.
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When I loaded the model into MMD, the hair looked slightly whiter but not much different after took the screenshots in MMD, MMM, and the PMX Editor with the default lighting in each of them. The whiter appearance may have been the angle I had it at the time. I did try to make sure the camera view was the same for the screenshots.
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