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Temple MMD test
Yup, needs some work.  Should be scaled up a bit, maybe 150%, a few details need adjustment, the central area has a bunch of lazy, long skinny triangles that are apparently not in plane or something and need fixing one way or another, and the marble texture I'm using is too repetitive, needs breaking up into blocks or something for the larger, flatter expanses.  But I think I can get away without a bunch of foliage or wear work, it's good enough for what it is in that department.  Eventually will need some rigging, those satellites should orbit, there are a few details that should have physics because that'd be cool.

Raycast, nice to be able to plop a bump on the rocks, but I'm already getting a little sick of how everything PBR has the exact same bad, washed-out specular.  I don't know exactly what it comes from, might not technically be from PBR but something often used in conjunction like tone mapping.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, I've been getting irritated at the way Blender handles baking and objects as well, just angry at my tools today I guess.
Part of writing involves more rigorous experimentation, making sure that I know what I'm talking about, and sometimes I learn some interesting things about MMD.  Discovered a few interesting things related to physics.

First, physics on/off registrations are actually interpolated.  The physics keep going on regardless of what the bone is doing, but MMD interpolates between the physics and the bone based on where it is between on/off registrations.  That's pretty cool, because it means that you could make good loops by disabling physics at the beginning and end and enabling them in the middle.

The other interesting thing is that physics get registered in their actual, physically-determined position, even if MMD ignores that registration.  So you could actually step through an animation in trace mode and register physics every frame to "bake" your physics, then play it back in no-calculation mode and get the same physical operation.  Tedious, yes, but possible.  The reason that's good is because physics are inherently random-- there's no guarantee you're going to get the same physics from one render to the next; and because if you're trying to join two different animations that can't be rendered to a single video for whatever reason, you don't want a big jump at the break.

Never realized MMD had as good tools as it does for this, thought I ought to share.
Asterion's Penthouse
So rigging should be easy enough, but texturing is going to be tough, depending on how much work I commit myself to.

I think I need to create a bump map to make the marble seem like it's made out of more stones.  I had more foliage, but I couldn't get it to look right so I just got rid of it.  Some metal elements are going to need to be integrated better, less shiny, more wear.

A lot of things I'd like to do here that I'm just not that good at.  A scene like this should have things like moss.  But I haven't a clue how to approach that.

Oh well, it probably doesn't even matter.  The whole reason I decided to try to make a stage in the first place was because I saw how even a shitty one can look pretty good.

Off to do some writing.  I guess I'm up to talking about physics, so that I can talk about model calculate order, so I can talk about OP....  Everything has to follow everything else, hard to organize it well.
Sky Temple WIP
It's a little hard to get much done with my writing project; can't really get deep into something new when I've got that hanging over my head.  But neither am I capable of working on that for eight hours a day.

I was kind of scared of stages for a while.  For one thing, they're not all that important-- they're not focal points.  For another, there's just a heck of a lot of space there for details, which is both kind of scary (potential for a lot of work) and kind of dangerous (room for way too many verts.)  But I made that little platform a while back, not really caring about it, and was surprised how much it added even without putting any work into it, so I thought I might try to make something just a little bit better.

Right now, this scene is 10k verts, but it does still need a bit of detail.  Maybe foliage next.  I guess it will have to be iterative, I'll slap some textures on there and try it out and see what looks like garbage.  Ends up looking very different textured, in-engine, hard for me to know what needs work until I do that.
New tutorial up at… . An introduction to HLSL, using Raycast material as a starting point. Might be a few things of use in there for somebody not interested in coding, but interested in Raycast mats.  Probably nothing in there for anybody who is very comfortable with coding; it's just introduction-level.
Playing with trying to make 2 mirrors that can face each other. It's not something that's really doable well-- you need to render the scene for the reflection, for the reflection of the reflection, for the reflection of the reflection of the reflection.... I thought I'd see what'd happen if I didn't bother to do it right, just did it crappy.   It does something, there's that.  Not entirely uninteresting.  Some problems with implementing it though, not sure if they're worth addressing considering it's never going to be right anyways.

Writing every day, maybe 2500 words per day.  Just first draft words.  Expect it'll take me close to 200 pages to say everything.  After that, time to make files to demo, pictures, clean up all the text....  Anticipating 3 months of work.

Took a look at Miss Lillie's outfit request.  Damn Lillie, you picked a hard one.  Tons of details, shoulderless sleeves which are just a pain in the butt to rig well.  Same goes for the neck (I figure it should probably be connected at the back of the neck, but then you have issues when the neck twists, similar to issues with arms twisting and sleeves that cross directly from arm->UB, skipping the clavicle.)  And of course YYB provides no body underneath the outfit for improved fit + weight copy.
Download Demonic Laptop.pmx for MMD

This is a high poly laptop, about 10k verts, way more than it needs.  I probably put detail in all the wrong spots.  Instead of normal keys, it has alchemical symbols, but I designed the lettering for easy editing, just check out the keyboard overlay texture.  Same goes for the screen, replace the texture with whatever you want (maybe even something animated.)  I've included a normal map if you're using an effect that can use something like that.

Released CC0, no rules.

I'm making this basically just to make some small pics for a LearnMMD tutorial on HLSL, and I was thinking about how people that ask me HLSL questions so often remind me of Mickey from Disney's old Sorceror's Apprentice thingamabob.  People want to treat HLSL as if it's an ancient language for casting magic spells and you just have to pronounce the words right to avoid summoning any demons.  But no, if you want to get anywhere, you have to put work into understanding what the words actually mean.  Or else you'll end up with an artifact.  Not just HLSL, but that's where I see it most frequently.
Laptop wip
Another case where I have a model that's a useful prop, but it's not based on my own mesh.  That one didn't have any rules (got a lot of grief for saying "rules are for boring people!" which I still believe, although I want to clarify that I'm referring to *making* rules, not following rules.)  But I guess I'd just like to be using something that I made.  For my pride or something.  Definitely end up using a laptop model all the time, especially for those LearnMMD tut pics.

My plan here originally was to model a box and then model some details, but only use those details for the creation of texture (including normal, occlusion, depth textures for parallax).  But I'm no longer sure if I want to do that, or if I just want to use my details as they exist.  10k verts as it stands, although that would go up a bit with seaming, triangulation.

I probably ought to stick to my original plan, just to get some experience with doing that.  I have other work to do anyways, my daily e-book writing, catching up on a HLSL tut I'm working on for LearnMMD, etc.
Download RayPMX for MMD

This is my own edit of Raycast that:

1) changes the effect-driver to the controller so that you don't have to load and manage ray.x, only ray_controller.pmx;
2) adds bone controls to ray_controller to simplify setting and animation of parameters;
3) exposes values contained in ray_advanced.conf via bone controls for in-engine animation;
4) adds skybox controls to ray_controller to minimize how much model switching you need to do to set lighting;
5) slightly changes the object of focus for Ray DoF effects.

Those aren't necessarily things that you want to do, but those are things that I want to do, and since I did them and they're kind of tedious, I'm making this available in case you want it.

This is not a full effect, this is an edit of Raycast MMD that requires Raycast's other files to function.

Install directly over dev branch of raycast.  Compatible with the material parameters edit I released recently.  Expect bugs.  If you find a bug, and you let me know, I will do my best to fix it.

Read the readme.

This is my first time using as a file host.  If you have any issues, please let me know, I'm flexible.
Yesterday I began an overwhelmingly large project: writing an English user's guide for MikuMikuDance.  My goal is to publish an e-book.  I'm anticipating this being months or more of work, and I plan to publish as a reasonably priced (like US$5) e-book.  But of course we'll see what happens.

Which confronts me with all the things I don't know about MMD.  Like, what does that "set" button in the upper right hand corner do?  I can't figure it out.
Download hotspot.pmx chair for MMD

I've heard some complaints about using mediafire as a host.  I'm perfectly happy to hear suggestions for a better site if you have any.  I get irritated at stupid pop-ups too, Mediafire probably doesn't show me any so I won't know how bad it can get and stop hosting there.

I've had a chair for a while, but it wasn't a fully original mesh, and there were rules attached to it. I find that a chair's one of the more useful props and I wanted to make my own, free of rules.  Here you go, a chair, no rules, CC0, do anything you want.

No physics, but it's actually rigged so that you can animate it responding to a person sitting in it.  It's white for easy recoloration, with material morphs for coloring.  Including H+ and S+ morphs for use with Raycast.  Includes texture, sphere, normal map; I'm including a Raycast material definition that's pretty simple but works.  This picture was made with Raycast, using the morphs and the material definition provided.
Miss April render of No.9 (motion by mysure) up at

Download Miss April Dressed, navel-gaze with me

The rules are same as last time.  Do anything you want, but you can't make rules.  Read license.txt for details.

She's shown here in Raycast, with a few other effects as well.  I made a video but it's not as good looking as I thought it was going to be.

I'm not making a big deal out of this, because she's not really in the state I would prefer to show to the world, and this is just my excuse for not getting an update to the original out.  Not that she's a bad model.  She's fine.  Read the readme, I'll tell you all the issues.  Well, at least what I think the issues are, I'm sure you'll find something else for me.

But I had to get something out because I made that autotwist tut and then realized the original's autotwist arms weren't actually set up properly.  And this version is what I've been working on since, thinking, "Oh, I can just roll her back, just delete all her clothes, whatever" but it doesn't quite work like that.

I thought I was tired when I released Miss April, but getting clothes on her gave me a second wind.  *Now* I'm tired.  Which is why this is warts and all.

Okay.  That's out of the way.  Self-indulgent prattle ahead.  Miss April post-mortem.  Go away now.

What Worked:

Bones.  This was shocking to me.  I have always been messing with bones and I have always been both hopeful and disappointed.  Here, my tricks work, and I believe they are even worth the trouble.  Or at least, it is slowly becoming less trouble for me to do crazy MMD rigging.  Autotwist arms, autotwist legs (that actually help deformation), extra boob bones, autotoe (okay that one's a little buggy), even changing thigh:calf ratio (and it works.)  Only thing missing is effective distribution of rotation through 4 torso bones, although I tried (check out her torso, super weird rig, doesn't hurt but doesn't help either.)  Not only did things work for me, I feel that I gained some insight into how to rig more effectively in Blender.  I'm tempted to try to make good IK arms for MMD, it almost feels possible now.

Torso.  I think the Iwara dudes will like it.  Sure, that topo is a mess, but when the light catches that belly button... 

Decal neck.  I thought this might be a problem with Raycast.  It's not.  Making two necks, one with transparency, is actually a pretty effective way to transition between disparate body/face materials.  I had nothing but problems getting them to work, but that's not the technique's fault, it's my own fault for fucking it up left and right.  As far as I can tell, it's actually best to have the two necks be duplicates save for texture (and maybe UV)-- as long as you get the material order right, the outer one will get drawn.

Weights.  These were the best weights I've ever made.  I put a lot of effort into them, but for once, it was not frustrating work.  I've had a block about weight painting for a long time and I feel as I've finally moved past it.  I used tons of different techniques.  My increasing comfort with using temporary vertex groups to limit modifiers opens up a lot of doors.

Bikini first.  Making a base is essential.  If I would have feature-frozen at that point, I might still have some energy.  Silly me.

Physics.  The hair moves beautifully.  The skirt moves beautifully, despite how low it hangs from the body (that makes it really hard.)  The flip-flops flop.  The boobs boob.  It's all very lovely.  (Except the butt physics suck.  Have to work on that.)

What didn't.  Deep breath.

FFS, me, make it in the right pose the first time.  I thought it wouldn't matter.  But you will never be able to go back once you repose.  Copy normals?  Nope.  Copy weights, UV?  Nope.  Copy quads?  Lol.  The decision to repose was one of the most limiting.

I just went way past where I should have with this.  I slowly accrued errors from normals copied from copied normals, weights from copied weights, etc.  You never end up with a perfect reproduction.  Eventually you break something every time you fix something.  That is where I'm at now.

I'm most disappointed with the face.  The glasses are necessary for her to look cute because her eyes are too widely set.  The irises are dull-- I've some ideas for fixing, but not enough ideas, not yet.  Eye morphs are a little jagged, mouth morphs not quite right, teeth sometimes disturbing.  Texel density on the nose is all wrong, requires masking any normal maps I want to make.  Eyelashes would look better, be easier, as planes instead of manifold meshes.  I dread problems with the mouth due to my decision to separate morphs into bone and vertex components, no idea if that was smart or worth it.

Making an alt UV map, differently seamed, was probably dumb.  Vertex split.  Next time I might make some full model projections, maybe try to seam so I could use those projections if I need to, nothing more than that, no more alt-seaming for MMD models, it's not even as if any uncustomized effects would support that.

Proportions are wrong.  I can't get them right it seems.  Feet are too small.  Shoulders too narrow.  Something with the legs but which direction depends on the shoes.  I forgive myself the watermelon-sized head, I figure that's pretty much de rigueur.

I'm going to stop making proxy bones just to avoid doubling bones.  It's not worth the trouble for me.  I doubt anybody else ever uses my models, so I might as well make them for my own style of use.  Miss April Dressed, I kind of made proxies, then I kind of stopped.

Too many verts.  They don't even affect the model on low specular meshes like the hoody.  Doing it with normal maps would be smarter.  I need to start retopologizing my models.

Well, fuck it.  She still looks pretty cute.  Still got a long ways to go but I'm proud for now.  Not like I've started getting worse or anything.  It'll be scary when that happens.
Working on DoF implementation.  Was unsatisfied with those I've tried.  Can't get raycast to stop autofocusing obnoxiously regardless of how I set measuremode, a pain when I want to use strong DoF in conjunction with physical hair.  I started out wanting something relatively simple (just finished): focal point bone control, foreground blur strength, background blur strength, along with appropriate (thresholded) alpha support.  Now I want to make it so that background objects don't blur over foreground objects, which should be doable just at the cost of extra GPU cycles.  Have to remember to support edge line too.

Made my raycast a .pmx.  I like full control of draw order, I don't like managing multiple files to use interpolating controllers, and I find animation of +/- sliders unnecessarily tedious when bone controls can do the same thing with fewer, easier registrations (and can get OPd if you want to rig them.)  I don't usually care to curve my effect controls, but there's that going for bone controls too.  Worked on a few old effects, some of which didn't work at all for me at first, maybe just in conjunction with Raycast, maybe because I have a different video card than when I wrote them, managed to get them working and started improving them.

Scripts/techniques are more natural than last time I worked on HLSL, but I feel rusty on transformation matrices.
Download Raycast Expanded Mat Features
This picture is nothing, I just needed something to put up there.  Yes, it uses some of the download's features, but how would you ever know?

This is an edited version of the material .fxsub for Raycast, intended to provide more versatility to material definitions.  To install, simply replace materials/material_common_2.0f.fxsub with this version of the same file.  This was built for the current dev branch of Raycast, but it should function just fine with the master branch.  Download Raycast at… .

This should be considered untested.  Bugs are likely.  If you find one, and you let me know, I will do my best to fix it.  Bug reports are best when they include the exact text of any error message as well as any material files and models used to create the bug.

This does not include any example materials and it does not provide any support for Raycast's material editor.  If you don't edit Raycast materials manually, this will not be of any use to you.  If you do not understand 3D graphics, this will not be of any use to you.  Etc.  If you don't know if you want this, you probably don't want it.

However, yes, there are reasons that I implemented everything that I implemented.  Well, okay, some of it was just because once I was doing it someplace else, I might as well do it everywhere (who uses

Features: support for .pmx material morphs (diffuse alpha, specular color, ambient color, texture/sphere/toon, specular power); greater support for raycast HSV morphs; enables limited support for Autoluminous-style morphs; support for AddUV (including sphere, toon, and world-space normal UV coordinates); normal and subnormal masking.

Read the readme.

Cool, learned how to bake animation for use in MMD.  Used this to create a dummy bone that tracked the camera, which is a good test case since I can OP models' eye targets to it for camera tracking-- useful and easy to make sure it works well.  Good for other stuff-- I can basically use Blender constraints, or weird parenting structures, to create components of animations and bake them to simpler MMD bone structures.  Or of course make good camera curves.  Have to figure out how much I can clean up the animations, baking to a registration every frame is a little painful to work with, and my understanding is that MMD Tools doesn't read or write interpolation curves.

Oh, here's something I just figured out.  So when models look down without lowering their eyelids, it looks like crap.  But you can't drive blink morphs from bones.  Alternative?  Don't let them look very far down unless they're blinking.  Because you *can* drive bones from morphs.
You stand at the precipice.
Trying out add shaders with Raycast.  Just ones I made I guess.  I've never been much of an effects collector.

Here I've got raycast, caustics, post specular, my cheap camera mod (I ought to remake that into a standalone, or never mind, I ought to just check out raycast's built in chromatic aberration), and the iteration effect that I only ever kind of released.  I like it.  It's really weird.  It's somehow very different than that keyscreen but I can't put my finger on it.

Effects add up fine, considering.  Tried WF, so long as I use enough fresnel on the reflection to keep it from being totally in-your-face, it doesn't look out of place at all.  At least, to the extent that the textures match; those hsv morphs don't really reflect well...
Playing with Raycast
I've been playing with this scene to figure out as much as I can about Raycast.  Still need a lot of work; I find it difficult to strike the right balance of saturation, especially with tone mapped colors.  I'm using Hejl2015 tonemapping here (the default) but I'm not sure which I like best.  And of course every time I change, my mats need reworking.

Not sure about mats either.  I'm using to using colored specular very freely, but none of the fancy lighting models support that (haven't dug enough to figure out why yet.)  A lot of the lighting models create way too much sheen for my taste, which washes out the color.

I like the velvet shader, that's nice to have.  There are some times you can break the PBR by giving it unnormalized values, I like that, I hate it when every float3 gets clamped or normalized.

Still a lot to learn.  I'm using Koshitantan motion by Noshi Agachan to test.  Really great motion, I'm impressed.  I've got enough weird little bones that won't get written by any other motions that change the way that models move, so I'm using those a little bit too.  Fingers crossed that I don't find some horrific bone-breaker along the way.  Just discovered that not only can I change the relative length of the thigh/calf, I can also change the height of my current version of Miss April without appearing to break anything.  Just used that to make a short and pudgy model (really just a pose, not a model).  Maybe I'll make some blue hair mat for it and start a feud...
Some modelling today-- well, not so much modelling as trying to deal with model issues.  Turns out Miss April has calves contaminated with weights from the opposite side, which explains why they weren't looking good-- frankly I'm surprised they didn't look terrible.  Fixed, looking good.  Wanted to fix those so I could make new tights.  Better checker, Uzuki fastener details.  With Azusa's huge tennis shoes on, the thighs look too long in proportion to the calves, so I made a bone that exchanges calf for thigh.  Thought that was going to be hard, but turns out I already did what needed to be done to make it work with the hyperextension stuff, so I was like, "Well, I don't know, let's just see what happens when I add a move append," and viola, that's all that was necessary.  Also fixed an issue with my face texture that caught some bad lighting and overemphasized a problem with my base mesh-- not so obvious now that the texture is fixed.  But the face texture is still very weak.  I need to study texturing more.  Or maybe just put in the hours making small details until it looks right.  Do enough work, eventually it looks good.  (But face mesh itself has issues, I probably won't put too much time into a tex for a subpar mesh.)

My big remaining issue is the neck.  I've been doing decal necks to create transitions from head to body (because bodies look good shiny but faces do not.)  It kind of had some problems with position or weights or morphs or something, I'm not sure.  And now that I'm dealing with Raycast, which can do good roughness transitions but can't do good alpha, I wonder how I want to handle the neck join.  Make the whole body + face a single material?  Will still kind of have problems, not everything in Raycast can get a texture to define a transition, and I'd need extra sets of textures for Raycast.  Continue with neck decal mesh despite problems and alpha?  Don't know, I guess I kind of want to see what I can figure out regarding Raycast and alpha, shadow optimizations.
Blowing my Blendswap downloads on a bunch of CC0 Cycles materials.  When it comes to materials, I don't even bother looking at something unless it's CC0/public domain-- it's not worth managing license info for mats.… : Good looking metals, wide enough variety, fairly easily customizable color.  Good pack.… : A huge pack, but without any preview.  I started previewing until I saw that a material used UV coordinates when I wasn't using a UV mapped mesh and said, screw it.  Bad render+preview settings in the file makes it even harder to see if there are any good mats.  Missing textures.  The mats I saw were nothing special.  Not worth the download IMO.… : Beautiful procedural leather, incl. good-looking procedural normals.  Nodes setup looks messy, and you probably need to edit it (for things like scale), which might be a pain.  Very worthwhile though.… : A single good looking wood mat.  But it uses a colored texture, which both limits recoloring and causes problems at seams.  So-so download.… : Doh!  The first time I looked at this I did something stupid, maybe I was just looking in solid view.  This is actually a very nice collection of diverse fabrics with procedural bump.  Good download.… : A somewhat diverse group of well-made mats: ceramic, cast-iron, car paint, two curtain fabrics, brushed metal, some other boring metals/plastics.  Normals and alpha on them where appropriate.  Includes a single texture, a good leather bump, but I'm not sure what uses it, since there's no leather mat; other stuff still uses UV coords.  Doesn't have a billion recolored copies, which is nice.  Poor preview settings in the file, single object makes it more difficult to preview.  Good download.… : Variety of "coated glossy" shaders that are supposed to look like plastic, metal, or ceramic, but which all look fairly ceramic to me.  But it's a good ceramic, with a wide variety.  Comes with preview jpgs that are nice.  Nodes are intended to be edited but aren't very friendly to editing (a lot of "coated glossy group.008" kind of stuff.)  Decent download.… : Procedural wood, with good grain, no use of vertex UV.  No normal or bump.  Colors modifiable but not as easily as they should be.  No clearcoat.  Decent download.… : Shiny hexagons.  I was hoping this was from generated textures coords, but no, it's from vertex UV, so vulnerable to seam issues.  Alas.  Node group has problems with tangents and isn't anything interesting, but at least the included hexagonal normal map tiles well.  Poor download.… : Wicker chair mat using colored textures, vertex uv, and nothing special in the nodes.  Would save you a minute if you want to use this exact material, but won't be useful for anything else.  Poor download.… : Three well-organized and not overthought shader groups: a glossy with fresnel, a metal, and a glass.  All look good (but the metals at the top looked better than this metal.)  All intended for customization and well-designed to that end.  Includes some good textures, but the node groups themselves don't are about vertex UV.  Good download.… : Procedural gingham with procedural bump.  The bump isn't very good.  Good enough if this is exactly the mat you want, otherwise, probably not worth the download.… : Very nice nacre (pearl) shader.  Unfortunately doesn't preview well (needs a lot of samples before it stops looking like multichromatic noise) which makes it hard to tune, and the default settings are a little overboard.  But this is a tough material to get right, that you're probably going to need only once, that's a focal point-- good download.… : A collection of procedural camouflages that differ only in color.  It's a simple musgrave from generated coords that makes the pattern.  Overall node layout is weird and kind of dumb and difficult to expand.  But if you need a CC0 camo in a hurry, hey, this is that.  Decent download.… : Another collection of camos that differ only by color.  (Guys, we can choose colors.)  Better nodes, organized, but not with English names (German?  Not sure.)  Don't like that the colors are managed by color ramps, which make it hard to edit.  Decent download.… : Aerogel material (soft edges).  I downloaded this because I haven't been able to get similar looks from volumetric shaders without emission, which needs to be tuned to scene lighting since it's kind of a cheat, and I was hoping this didn't use emission-- but nope, it uses emission.  Still, decent material, although there are drawbacks to it.… : A well organized, better-than-default velvet shader.  Velvet shaders don't bake well, and so I tried a bake test on this.  Which took forever.  I cancelled it half way through.  I don't think it was going to bake well.  But, nice velvet shader.… : This is actually CC-BY but I wanted to check out the effect.  It's faking volume absorption through the use of ray length.  If you don't mind using CC-BY materials, these would make good shaders for candy.  Even though these don't use volume, they use glass shaders, so there's probably not much of a performance improvement when using these at defaults.


United States
Playing with MMD. Not much of an artist, but I enjoy myself.

Thanks for checking out my page. I'm not a deleter because this page is more for me than it is for you. That means that a lot of old stuff I made is, well, bad. But it's still up. If something doesn't work, and you want it fixed, just say so! I'll do what I can.

Have written a few tutorials for LearnMMD at… ; I will probably write a few more in the future. I also have several tutorials here, although sometimes, that's for a broad definition of "tutorial."

Still tend to the R-18 side of things. Helps me maintain my interest.

Always happy to help people learn anything they can. If you're having problems with an MMD model, and you don't know why, please feel free to send me a note. It's usually a good idea to send a link to the bugged model as well. (But I don't just fix things. I don't believe in that. Instead, I'll help you understand what's wrong, and how to fix it yourself.)

Big believer that we all benefit from each others' art and tools, which is why I think it's so important to share freely. I strongly encourage all other artists to do the same. The artists' rights that I support are the rights to freely transform that which cannot be used up, stolen, or destroyed. Art is fire and fire cannot be owned.


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How many samples you put in a render?
vasilnatalie Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018
Well, I have my defaults set to 512 samples for render, but that's overkill for most stuff-- it's an upper bound, highest I've ever needed.

If I'm just using simple shaders, I could get away with 32 samples + denoising.  Probably wouldn't bother going any lower than that, it gets to the point where the geometry calculations end up taking more and more of the render time.
FireCristalFox Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I use 1000 in this render:…
FireCristalFox Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
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Thanks for the fav:)
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Thanks for making cool art!
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Aw, you spoil me :)
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I was curious if you ever thought about 3D printers. It just randomly hit me that with 3D printing, you could print out your models in whatever pose you wanted to. Not sure if you'd want to set up an Etsy store selling them, but it would be fun :P
vasilnatalie Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018
It would definitely be fun.  I used to paint war-game miniatures (more painting than playing) and was always excited about 3D printing possibilities.  But I don't have the money.
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Keep your eyes peeled - 3D printers are getting cheaper and cheaper every day :D You can already find some for under $200 dollars if you're willing to get a kit and assemble it yourself.
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