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Farewell to MMD Community
Hi there, I'm writing this to let you know that as of yesterday Friday 22th of June at 08:47 AM CEST I'm officially retired from MMD. Honestly, I was not very active anyway, in the last 2 years I've uploaded 23 MMD videos to YouTube. So that's approximately one per month. Certainly not a big deal. But most importantly, I've lost my motivation to make MMD videos a long time ago. On one hand, there are many songs that are detected by Content ID and automatically blocked in Japan and/or United States. Which is (or was) my main audience. On the other hand, the process itself of making videos became very boring. Just pick up the model(s), the stage, the motion and song, and finally choose a shader and render. That's it. Most of the time, my computer did much more work rendering the video than I making (or I should say composing) it. Don't get me wrong here, MMD is actually a really good tool that brings the possibility to make a 3D animation without the need of a
:iconharryhack91:harryhack91 3 9
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Mature content
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Almost done.  Every time I fix one thing, I break something else.  Tried an experiment with alpha mult-sphere on top of alpha mapped texture as a sort of poor-man's specular mapping, didn't work well.  Bones for teeth, tongue meant that I needed about twenty copies of various bone morphs because group morphs don't play kindly with each other, but at least that's done now.  Lost a few morphs somehow, not sure how I'll get them back but I'll figure something out.  I'll probably finish tomorrow, then get started on an easy demo vid to make sure I'm not missing something obvious.
Improved deforms yesterday.  Looking good.  Bikini bottom isn't perfect-- awfully hard to get it looking great in combination with a physical butt-- but it's one of those things that's only a problem in R-18 style motions, where nobody's going to want a bikini bottom anyways (and it looks great in those motions without the bottom, so NP.)  Didn't do any auto-UB3 thing, probably won't, maybe next time, just sick of incrementing deform tiers and a UB3 is pretty far up the hierarchy.  Did some texture fixes as well.

Today was morph hell day.  Made a mouth interior, made it agree with both my shapekey-driven face and my bone driven teeth-tongue.  Redid my eyelashes and fixed their morphs up.  With morphs hopefully finalized, made lips and eyeshadow meshes, as well as decal meshes.  Mostly just a lot of tedium.

Next I need to make textures/mats for eyeshadows/lips, figure out good autoluminous settings for decals, clean up my morphs, see if I need to revisit the eyeballs (which are now the weakest part of the model, but I'm not sure if they're weak enough to worry about), make hearts and stars and blush and tears and maybe tsundere.  Need to make group morphs to make my teeth and tongue fit with my facials via bone morphs (don't mix bones and shapekeys kids.)  I don't think I need any morphs to correct for armature deformation, which is pretty cool I guess.

Then I guess I'll take a look and see if it's time to make a demo video + centerfold for Miss April or if there's something else I want to fix first.
In deform hell.  Just tedious troubleshooting today.  Had to join all my objects to insert a UB3, which screwed up my shapekeys (Blender why?)  Thought it was a weights issue for a long time.  Not that I haven't had plenty of other weights issues.  MMD Tools seems to be renaming my bones sometimes when I have X mirror on, not sure what's up with that, but lesson learned.  Apparently now I've got some better butt/bikini weights, some obliques (not sure if I could automate animation well, I could try I guess), a UB3 that's just manually controlled but nice to have, and an extra bone per breast, although I don't know if I can con MMD physics into making that work.  Using meshes and vertex weight proximity modifier (followed by vertex weight mix modifiers) to insert some weights.  I'd be surprised if I have any BDEF2 left on my body (still on head though, not going to mess with facial bones on this model.)  And now it's getting close to doggy walk time, maybe I'll just do some testing of what I've done, make sure it's not worse than what I had yesterday, always a real possibility.
Hair was the thing that looked best with first-approximation mat settings, so it was the last thing that got textured, but it's looking good with textures now.  Did some adjustment of weights, edge loops to get SDEF working, which is more important on this model since I have auto-twist arms + legs, and that's working.  I've seen some issues with deformation in older testing, but it's hard to be certain: any issues are more random than determined, they come and go, even in the exact same animation, but my latest tests look great.  I suppose I'll have to distribute with an additional no-frills rig just in case.

Want to do a UB3, cleverly auto-animated if possible; want some closer deformation for solid accessory bits; want some physics, possibly better mesh, on silk bows; want to see what I can do to improve IK eyes (angle limits that won't twitch); want to improve the flip-flop texture a bit, which is currently weakest part visually; want to improve deformation on butt (testing on some r-18 motions, those are cruel rigging tests); want to get better physics on a few bits, which is tough, because PMXE and MMD are in disagreement, never really did figure out exactly how physics work.

Had a beer early today, maybe this is stuff that will get done tomorrow instead.  Making pork stew and fresh bread for dinner.
Where I'm at with texturing.  I know, the eyes need to be more red.
A lot of tedious texture work completed. Next: hair UV map wasn't right, will fix and create texture. Need to adjust some deforms and make good, paired, solidly weighted loops for SDEF. Need to make a mouth interior (other than tongue and teeth.) Need to tweak some facial morphs, then create some body morphs and emotes (heart, star, blush, whatever else.) Need to make a few detail meshes (eyeshadow, lipstick, 0401 decal.) Uggh, I hate this part when I start making lists like this, it always means it's getting less fun.
A little cleanup this AM, then I started working on texturing.  This is default MMD shader, which is what I'm building for.

MMD's a pretty different environment than Blender.  I don't feel like I can just do straight bakes of textures.  But I do a lot of bakes and then tweak them and integrate them.  I hate baking.  It would be all right if it took exactly one cigarette to finish a bake.  It takes like three.  That's too much smoking.

I'm doing a lot of mixing with effects so that I can get a good WYSIWYG preview.  I'm not bothering with any of the effects I made, they're just a little cumbersome-- too full featured-- for what I want to do.

So for this skin, I baked full diffuse, then I baked full glossy, to 4096^2.  Then I loaded an effect and started editing so that I could tweak the mix between the two as well as spec pow/color, ambient/diffuse, HSV, some sphere parameters.  Then, when I'm happy, I write them to image and mat values.

Spheres are just made by rendering a sphere in Blender.  That's not actually right, but it's good enough.

I'll tweak toon when I have the whole model textured.  Toon's best to do on a whole model at once, use a single toon for everything.

I'm saving all the files I make.  This is pretty tan.  I often find that I overdo it on the first pass.  It's good to have all those files all ready for when I eventually realize that.

Edit: lol I sounded like I knew what I was doing then I did a bunch of bakes without important geometry.  Oh well. there's always tomorrow.
Just watched Cyber Thunder with all my own verts and shapekeys and deformations and physics, she looks super bad ass :)  Facials aren't perfect but I think probably good enough.  One isn't going through export properly, don't know why, but whatever, it's not important anyways.  Mats and textures next, she really doesn't look good with just MMD diffuse/ambient/untuned specular.
Have been working physics, weights, checking deforms, implementing details like hoodie.  Hoodie is just a giant pain to weight+physick, tried my best but I think I have to hide some skin to make it work.  Other bits are looking pretty good though.  Next up, create some facial mixes (I have a lot of facials, too many, but have to make good mixes of them for the standard-ish MMD facials.)  After that, I could render in Blender (for which I don't need to worry about all that hoodie nonsense, just surface deform or cloth modify it or some combination), or I could start working on textures for good MMD rendering.
Okay, MMD bones succesfully tricked.  I've got a new, simpler auto-twist for both arms and legs, no animator action necessary, fully compatible with existing motions, and I have a knee hyperextension that doesn't create any IK twitch (does it by changing the length of the calf slightly.)  I've got some physics that are acceptable, although a bit more bounce might be nice.  And I've got other stuff I already knew how to do like IK eyes.  Might play with some adjustable high-heel foot roll, but it's basically looking good.
Simple summer animation
Crypton is of course a trademark of Crypton.  But my own model, very different style than others', I figure I need all the character cues I can get.

Big gif, thanks for spending the time to let it d/l.  Anybody know how I can get a more appropriate format into DA?

Rendered while I was making and eating dinner, just a two pose animation that's barely even two poses.

There's a nasty neck seam, easily noticeable in stills, hopefully I just fixed it but not gonna re-render.  A bit of material work here, plus, you know, that hoodie....  Surface deform is nice, I did some rework on a edge-rotated, lower poly version and just surface deformed it to the original, so still quads + easy topo (not right for the model, but right for me to edit.)

Butt has been expanded, only for purposes of this anim :)  Bone scaling is a nice thing to have.

Maybe going to make some MMD collision bodies now, maybe try out some bone tricks.  Make in MMD, edit in Blender, use in both.  Want to see if I can get butt + boobs doing good things, would rather keep it MMD usable rather than do a mesh deform thing, somehow have kept it to <=4 bones per vert so far.  Using constraints here for some minor earring + drilltail motion, not really very good, real physics would be a lot better.

I suppose that hair's a bit more metallic than I'd like, will have to tone down some of the specular hue.  At least on the scalp, that's where it's super noticeable.  For that matter, her skin's a bit too metallic too, glossies are too sharp in some places (made a tex to control the mix so I won't have to stare at glossy bumpy fingers and noses.)

But, you know, sitting there staring while I write this, she looks pretty good.
April in July
Environment map from HDRI Haven.

Few new things for me here.  Particle sand (using some of the vertex weight modifiers for getting the density where it belongs), shrinkwrapped decal mesh droplets, ocean modifier, which wasn't as hard to fit into a background HDRI as I thought it would be.

Have been using surface deform modifier a lot for clothing etc, easier to get setup than an armature and works just as good.

That towel kinda looks like dogshit.  When I don't want towel hair, all I can make is towel hair, but as soon as I want towel hair...  So it's just a velvet shader, which somehow makes it look glossy here, whatever, can't be arsed, throwaway shit anyways.

But hey, I think that sand looks pretty good.  Should be doable with a texture, but I couldn't get it right like that.

And, lol, spent all day on this, didn't manage to make any MMD skeleton or physics :)  But this was fun.

Teto Again
Fun to have some facials to play with.  This bikini is just thrown together (because I can't spend all my time staring at naked models).  Armature is vastly simplified, hopefully to the point that I can take it into MMD and start working on MMD bone tricks + physics.  Clothing later, because they'll need their own bones and different tricks (pencil skirt, uggh, that's going to be tricky to make look good), better to keep things separate.

Looks okay without her glasses or makeup.  I always end up putting glasses on, and I think it's because eyes are so important, and glasses obsure them *just enough* to hide my various, subtle imperfections that I'm not even good enough to distinguish from each other yet :)  Kinda like how so much looks better with blur/bloom/dof, just because it hides the problems.

Well, and they do a great job of catching the light for when the eyes themselves don't.  That's pretty important too.
Hmm.  If you rotate the neck and clavicles about the middle of the thoracic spine, you get much nicer back deformation for bending your head backwards (face toward the ceiling).  Of course, it looks like dogshit in the front, but it might be possible to split the front weights from the back to handle them independently.

Not something I'm going to do right now, can't spare the vertex groups (trying to limit to 4 max per vert), but maybe something to keep in mind for the future.

Always kind of interesting just plopping a cursor down and seeing how bone rotations look about different centers.
My cheap laptop busted.  That was my away-from-the-desk computer (no phone).  I used that during Family Time (watching TV, which I find boring but do for the fam) to, every once in a while, catch up on DA works.  I'm usually just focused on my own stuff, but I like to pay attention to give respect to people that have given respect to me, to help folks if they need it, to watch peeps develop and improve (that's the bit I like to watch the most.)  So that's on hold.  Sorry for not looking at your stuff as much.

Also used it to read the political news.  I guess I can live without that.  Hopefully somebody will let me know when the time to riot actually arrives.
I have to get off Blender stack exchange.  It's addicting answering questions, and rather than helping me learn anything, it ends up draining all my energy to model.
Download Kpop Dress for MMD
178 watchers gift, because 178 is a magic number, because 1+7 = 8.

Made for FranciscoGaga .  Includes textures and physics.  Designed to fit… as per Francisco's request.  Rigged to that same skeleton.  Released CC0, no rules.
Blowing my Blendswap downloads on a bunch of CC0 Cycles materials.  When it comes to materials, I don't even bother looking at something unless it's CC0/public domain-- it's not worth managing license info for mats.… : Good looking metals, wide enough variety, fairly easily customizable color.  Good pack.… : A huge pack, but without any preview.  I started previewing until I saw that a material used UV coordinates when I wasn't using a UV mapped mesh and said, screw it.  Bad render+preview settings in the file makes it even harder to see if there are any good mats.  Missing textures.  The mats I saw were nothing special.  Not worth the download IMO.… : Beautiful procedural leather, incl. good-looking procedural normals.  Nodes setup looks messy, and you probably need to edit it (for things like scale), which might be a pain.  Very worthwhile though.… : A single good looking wood mat.  But it uses a colored texture, which both limits recoloring and causes problems at seams.  So-so download.… : Doh!  The first time I looked at this I did something stupid, maybe I was just looking in solid view.  This is actually a very nice collection of diverse fabrics with procedural bump.  Good download.… : A somewhat diverse group of well-made mats: ceramic, cast-iron, car paint, two curtain fabrics, brushed metal, some other boring metals/plastics.  Normals and alpha on them where appropriate.  Includes a single texture, a good leather bump, but I'm not sure what uses it, since there's no leather mat; other stuff still uses UV coords.  Doesn't have a billion recolored copies, which is nice.  Poor preview settings in the file, single object makes it more difficult to preview.  Good download.… : Variety of "coated glossy" shaders that are supposed to look like plastic, metal, or ceramic, but which all look fairly ceramic to me.  But it's a good ceramic, with a wide variety.  Comes with preview jpgs that are nice.  Nodes are intended to be edited but aren't very friendly to editing (a lot of "coated glossy group.008" kind of stuff.)  Decent download.… : Procedural wood, with good grain, no use of vertex UV.  No normal or bump.  Colors modifiable but not as easily as they should be.  No clearcoat.  Decent download.… : Shiny hexagons.  I was hoping this was from generated textures coords, but no, it's from vertex UV, so vulnerable to seam issues.  Alas.  Node group has problems with tangents and isn't anything interesting, but at least the included hexagonal normal map tiles well.  Poor download.… : Wicker chair mat using colored textures, vertex uv, and nothing special in the nodes.  Would save you a minute if you want to use this exact material, but won't be useful for anything else.  Poor download.… : Three well-organized and not overthought shader groups: a glossy with fresnel, a metal, and a glass.  All look good (but the metals at the top looked better than this metal.)  All intended for customization and well-designed to that end.  Includes some good textures, but the node groups themselves don't are about vertex UV.  Good download.… : Procedural gingham with procedural bump.  The bump isn't very good.  Good enough if this is exactly the mat you want, otherwise, probably not worth the download.… : Very nice nacre (pearl) shader.  Unfortunately doesn't preview well (needs a lot of samples before it stops looking like multichromatic noise) which makes it hard to tune, and the default settings are a little overboard.  But this is a tough material to get right, that you're probably going to need only once, that's a focal point-- good download.… : A collection of procedural camouflages that differ only in color.  It's a simple musgrave from generated coords that makes the pattern.  Overall node layout is weird and kind of dumb and difficult to expand.  But if you need a CC0 camo in a hurry, hey, this is that.  Decent download.… : Another collection of camos that differ only by color.  (Guys, we can choose colors.)  Better nodes, organized, but not with English names (German?  Not sure.)  Don't like that the colors are managed by color ramps, which make it hard to edit.  Decent download.… : Aerogel material (soft edges).  I downloaded this because I haven't been able to get similar looks from volumetric shaders without emission, which needs to be tuned to scene lighting since it's kind of a cheat, and I was hoping this didn't use emission-- but nope, it uses emission.  Still, decent material, although there are drawbacks to it.… : A well organized, better-than-default velvet shader.  Velvet shaders don't bake well, and so I tried a bake test on this.  Which took forever.  I cancelled it half way through.  I don't think it was going to bake well.  But, nice velvet shader.… : This is actually CC-BY but I wanted to check out the effect.  It's faking volume absorption through the use of ray length.  If you don't mind using CC-BY materials, these would make good shaders for candy.  Even though these don't use volume, they use glass shaders, so there's probably not much of a performance improvement when using these at defaults.


United States
Playing with MMD. Not much of an artist, but I enjoy myself.

Thanks for checking out my page. I'm not a deleter because this page is more for me than it is for you. That means that a lot of old stuff I made is, well, bad. But it's still up. If something doesn't work, and you want it fixed, just say so! I'll do what I can.

Have written a few tutorials for LearnMMD at… ; I will probably write a few more in the future. I also have several tutorials here, although sometimes, that's for a broad definition of "tutorial."

Still tend to the R-18 side of things. Helps me maintain my interest.

Always happy to help people learn anything they can. If you're having problems with an MMD model, and you don't know why, please feel free to send me a note. It's usually a good idea to send a link to the bugged model as well. (But I don't just fix things. I don't believe in that. Instead, I'll help you understand what's wrong, and how to fix it yourself.)

Big believer that we all benefit from each others' art and tools, which is why I think it's so important to share freely. I strongly encourage all other artists to do the same. The artists' rights that I support are the rights to freely transform that which cannot be used up, stolen, or destroyed. Art is fire and fire cannot be owned.


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How many samples you put in a render?
vasilnatalie Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018
Well, I have my defaults set to 512 samples for render, but that's overkill for most stuff-- it's an upper bound, highest I've ever needed.

If I'm just using simple shaders, I could get away with 32 samples + denoising.  Probably wouldn't bother going any lower than that, it gets to the point where the geometry calculations end up taking more and more of the render time.
FireCristalFox Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I use 1000 in this render:…
FireCristalFox Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Time: 3 hours 42 minutes
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Aw, you spoil me :)
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I was curious if you ever thought about 3D printers. It just randomly hit me that with 3D printing, you could print out your models in whatever pose you wanted to. Not sure if you'd want to set up an Etsy store selling them, but it would be fun :P
vasilnatalie Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018
It would definitely be fun.  I used to paint war-game miniatures (more painting than playing) and was always excited about 3D printing possibilities.  But I don't have the money.
annamaeblythe Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2018
Keep your eyes peeled - 3D printers are getting cheaper and cheaper every day :D You can already find some for under $200 dollars if you're willing to get a kit and assemble it yourself.
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