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Playing with MMD. Not much of an artist, but I enjoy myself.

Thanks for checking out my page. I'm not a deleter because this page is more for me than it is for you. That means that a lot of old stuff I made is, well, bad. But it's still up. If something doesn't work, and you want it fixed, just say so! I'll do what I can.

Have written a few tutorials for LearnMMD at… ; I will probably write a few more in the future. I also have several tutorials here, although sometimes, that's for a broad definition of "tutorial."

Still tend to the R-18 side of things. Helps me maintain my interest.

Always happy to help people learn anything they can. If you're having problems with an MMD model, and you don't know why, please feel free to send me a note. It's usually a good idea to send a link to the bugged model as well. (But I don't just fix things. I don't believe in that. Instead, I'll help you understand what's wrong, and how to fix it yourself.)

Big believer that we all benefit from each others' art and tools, which is why I think it's so important to share freely. I strongly encourage all other artists to do the same. The artists' rights that I support are the rights to freely transform that which cannot be used up, stolen, or destroyed. Art is fire and fire cannot be owned.
Adding physics to a model is so magical.
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Hand painting a bump map (3D texture painting, not GIMP painting.)  It's actually working pretty well.  There was something missing from my eyes, but I couldn't ever get the geometry right, thought maybe per-texel, I could do it better.  I think I di...
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Been working on a new model.  My goal is to have something more family friendly than I'm used to, but I find it so hard to keep to that.... Working with flattish eyes, and I realized something important.  In 2D cartoonish artwork, the place that the ...
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hey are you okay??? =O

Hey Bandages/ VasileNatalie, Thank you for the free resources that you work so hard on! These took a lot of effort and I'd like to repay the favor. Do you have a tip jar or similar somewhere?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

regards :airborne:

Could you say a few things about your experience with the virtual remote service "Eevee Render" by Blender? Is it a remote access service, like I believe it is? I'm most interested in resolving my own fears of proprietary ownership and loss of service. Thanks!

No, it is not a virtual remote service. Whatever that is, it's not that.

I'll try to contact Blender and ask them the same thing, but it really looks like a virtual environment/ aka what I said. Here's their introduction that I followed,%2C%20motion%20blur%20and%20more).

Renderstreet, who you've linked, offer a remote service (server farms for remote rendering, I believe.) Eevee + Blender are not remote services. Blender is a 3D application that runs natively on Win, Linux, or Mac, and is GPL licensed to boot.