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Many who asked me before: Do you take a requests?
And now, I finaly decided it!
Now I start to take a requests from my watchers and fans of my art style,
and from peoples who just accidentally come here!
If you need lightly and not difficult art, you're in the right place!
I make a Vector sketches, Color sketches, Drawings, bases, also backgrounds, redrawings, and etc.
You can leave your detailed requests in comments here or in notebox!
And if you want to really thanksgived to me, so I take any donates:
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RPAO by Vasillium
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Здраствуйте. Заметила что вы из Росси и решила писать на русском.)) Но прошу прощения за ошибки,потому что это не мой родной язык.

Хотела бы сделать реквест.

Рисунка двух поняш.

Вот моя дочка

Finally Digital Ref Of Candy Chan By Handsomekiiro

И дочка моей подруги. (Её ник: Kristik--Gold)

 Re Design  Kristik  Gold   Ref By Kristik  Gold D

Хочу сделать ей приятный сюрприз. Нууу а насчет позы... удивите нас.😊


Отношения поняш: BFF

Спасибо большое.🙂

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Хорошо, чевонибудь придумаю!

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Is it still open?

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thanks for the opportunity you could draw my little girl?

a la ataque by rociobruni
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Will there be any additions?
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If this is still open...Can you consider drawing my friend's OC for her? Here she is:
OC Noelle by DreamingMiki

If you do so, please, mention both of us in the description, thank you. HugPlease draw a new picture of her, maybe something winter-like/Christmasy.
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Okay, not a problem!
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Would it be possible to request Elia the Cheetah?
Elia the Cheetah by Heimgri (Haven't decided on a colour for her hair or clothes, so you can colour it to whatever you think fits. Her eyes are green.)
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Yes, of course!
Should I redraw this picture, or made something new?
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You decide really.
You could maybe draw her wielding a staff, or maybe have some sort of magic glow around her hands or straight up fire?
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Background Sheet Atom Front by TemerDzafarowo   Draw an OC in the form of a Cossack war?
Here are the Cossack clothes.…
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Oookay, I will do it!
He is nice!
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I hope dragons are alright!

Thank you for the opportunity ^^

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What I should doing with him?
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If its posewise you could try drawing him flying or maybe just standing with folded wings!
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Okay, oh I already have idea!
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Ahhh amazing!! Thank you a lot :3
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Omg this is going to be a very weird request, but would you be willing to draw a picture of L from Death Note in a sweet lolita outfit? It's totally ok if you don't feel comfortable drawing humans though!

This is our mans right here, the fine fellow to lolita-fy:
L from Death Note... by KariNeko   L DeathNote - Vector Emulated by xilent

And here are some pictures of what sweet lolita looks like! It's a fashion style which has a ton of variety. 
Sweet lolita by Cocodrillo   Sweet Lolita by Kutty-Sark   Sweet lolita 2 by MikaValentine
The drawing also definitely doesn't need to be a full-body or colored or anything. If you'd like, I could help you pick out a dress, but you could really draw anything, as simple or complicated as you'd like! I'm also flexible if you want to do some like fairy kei style harajuku fashion, or other types of lolita like gothic lolita!

Thank you so much for reading through my strange and weebish request!! I'm very passionate about L being into sweet lolita, but there just aren't many drawings of him wearing it. Lmk if you need any help if you decide you want to try and tackle this!! <3 <3 <3

((if sweet lolita seems too daunting, lmk and we can figure out something easier!! Even just a cute strawberry shirt would be perfect. Thank you so much again!! <3))
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Well if it be L like Lolita, - I think it will be a little gothic in his outfit, because..., well you know, his psy character.
Or it may be Lolita like L - strange and sociopathic! hehehe)))…
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could i.. have a request pls?
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