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Nyx scene 42 Gala dress

Rarity made up a new gala dress for Nyx, but little filly not used to wearing something so ... lush!

Past Sins by :iconpenstrokepony:
Cutie mark sample :iconalexlayer:
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Aww! She look so adorable when she is blushing like that. I can only i how much Mommy Twily would aww over her saying that she is the cutest & take alot of pre gala pictures of her like this. Spike would probably give a comment like this, awesome dress sis, then go ahead a praise Rarity for it with hearts in his eyes. As for Nox, i would like to think that his jaw just drops to the floor, that he isn't able to say much & that he is just standing there.

Beautiful picture Vasillium.

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Rarity, try something a little darker next time

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До чего же мило она смотрится!

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She looks so adorable ^^