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Друзья мои, наступил декабрь - начало зимы и последний месяц того года. я Предлагаю всем нам сосредоточиться, но как-то сделать новогодние декабрьские и январские рисунки, фотографии и картины. Давайте сделаем невероятное до начало Нового Года.
My friends, December is the beginning of winter and the last month of that year. I Suggest all of us to focus, but somehow to make new year's December and January drawings, photos and paintings. Let's do the incredible before the New Year begins.
Друзья, сегодня, по данным астрономов, произойдет затмение луны, и она станет багровой, или лучше ее назвать кровавая луна. Произойдет это в городе Сочи, 27 июля, 22 часа, 30 минут.
Friends, today, according to astronomers, there will be an Eclipse of the moon, and it will be crimson, or better to call it the blood moon. It will happen in Sochi, July 27, 22 hours, 30 minutes.
Вчера я защитил диплом свой на пять. 10 июля выдадут грамоту. Вот подошла окончания моего универа, и не знаю, что будет ждать в будущем. Но я всегда буду веселым и радоваться каждым днем. Также я желаю всем художникам веселого и яркого будущего.
Yesterday I defended my diploma for five. July 10 will be given a certificate. Here came the end of my uni, and don't know what to expect in the future. But I will always be cheerful and happy every day. I also wish all the artists a bright and cheerful future.
Друзья мои художники. Как вы видите по календарю, наступает апрель. Важные праздники 1 апреля - никому не веря, Пасха и многое чего. Однако самый радостное в апреле в том, что в этом месяце 4 апреля - мой день рождения. Месяц,в котором я родился для меня самый счастливый.
My friends are artists. As you can see from the calendar, April is coming. Important holidays 1 April-no one not believing, Easter and much what. However the most joyful in April in is, that in this month 4 April - my day birth. The month in which I was born is for me the most happy.
Дорогие друзья в девиантарте. Поздравляю всех с Новым Годом. С новым счастьем. Я уверен, что в этом году 2018, будет много радости, веселья. Я также желаю тем, что была жизнь радостной. Чтоб в семье не было никаких конфликтов и ссор, жили дружно в любви.
Dear friends in deviantarte. Congratulations to all a happy New Year. With new happiness. I'm sure this year 2018, there will be a lot of joy, fun. I also wish that life was joyful. So in the family there were no conflicts and quarrels, lived together in love.
Дорогие друзья в девиантарте. Поздравляю всех с Новым Годом. С новым счастьем. Я уверен, что в этом году 2018, будет много радости, веселья. Я также желаю тем, что была жизнь радостной. Чтоб в семье не было никаких конфликтов и ссор, жили дружно в любви.
Dear friends in deviantarte. Congratulations to all a happy New Year. With new happiness. I'm sure this year 2018, there will be a lot of joy, fun. I also wish that life was joyful. So in the family there were no conflicts and quarrels, lived together in love.
all of the attention. I'm temporarily with the drawings will stop for a bit. since little literature is written. therefore, the drawings will temporarily wait. tomorrow literature begin to write.
The next morning, Blanco woke up his little blue house. He stood up and made the bed, washed my face and brushed my teeth, smelled the fragrant flowers and went to walk to the house of Papa Smurf. The path meets the artist and the bully, posing for the creation of a masterpiece.
Hey Artist – Hello Blanco.
Mr. Blanco, Sir White Smurf, – said the Artist it and said Hello too. – I Bouncer do painting, which I call brave smurf. You want me to draw?
-Thank you Artist, I...., – responsible Blanco, but his broke Bouncer.
Come on, this picture is just a picture, ' replied the Bouncer and continues to brag about – but if I were really brave, I would have overcome this Gargamel.
-Stop it immediately, you always boast about ' said the Artist. – And stand in the position that we need to finish. Okay, Blanco yet.
-While – Blanco said goodbye to them and went on to the house of the Pope.
When he approached the house, he heard screaming. Blanco thought my Dad was wrong, so he ran into the house. Pushing open the door, he sees that screaming don't Daddy, and Baby Smurf. Dad sang a song to calm, but the baby continued to cry. Dad noticed that Blanco came.
Blanco, good to see you. As you can see, Baby doesn't calm down Dad said, continuing to soothe the baby. I've checked the diaper, he was dry, sang a song, doesn't help, try to give milk but don't want. Don't know what he exactly wants?
Blanco walked closer to him. Then Crumb noticed him, and pauses. Dad and Blanco was surprised, he calmed down. Seeing White Smurf, Baby began to escape from the hands of the Pope to him. Realizing that he wants a father Form in his hands. Then the Baby grabbed his nose Blanco and laughed happily. Seeing as baby is happy, Blanco made the redhead smile. Dad was pleased.
-I think you're going to take care of the Little one, ' thought said Dad. Hearing this, Blanco was confused. He will, today, cares about the Little Smurf.
-I don't know if I can handle it! she said Blanco. – It's the first time I will take care of the baby.
The kid stared at Blanco, and Dad is quite and calm and do the potion.
Don't worry it isn't hard to take care of the baby, Dad said, and took a jar of red powder, and then added. – You can help the other Smurfs. You know that Smurfs help each other.
Yeah you're right, maybe I can help, said Blanco, and went with Chip to the Athlete.
Meanwhile, the Strongman, helped along by the Grumpy and Coward the Master in repairing the bridge.
-Okay, caution guys, there, says the Master, giving instructions.
- Why am I, as I'm very weak – timidly replied the Coward, that his legs shook. - Maybe you picked the other. For Example, Smurfette.
- Come on, guys, boldly encouraged the Athlete, and carried four logs to the bridge.
- I can not stand boldly replied Grumpy, and was going to take the log as he noticed Blanco together... Crumbs, said. But I hate more that Baby with Blanca.
-Really look, - said the Master, and all saw Blanco with Chips.
-Blanco, - said the Athlete came to him. – Look, Baby is satisfied that it is a White Smurf.
-Thank you, Mr Strong said Blanco, putting the Baby on the left shoulder. – I will not prompt, how cares about kids.
-To care? asked Biff, as he laughed. You're not kidding, it's just, change diapers, feed milk and delicious cake, to sing a song that he fell asleep. It's like the Pope for all of us cared.
When the Athlete said that, Blanco is very much sad. Noticing this, Baby heart went out to him, thinking that he had a difficult childhood. But the Master ran up to him and glumly watched Strongman.
-You're crazy – said the Master, shouting for the Athlete. – Taking care of us. You forget that Blanco has grown with us.
-Oh – he gasped a Strong man, and felt guilty because he'd hurt a friend. But Blanco stood quietly.
Blanco asks softly scaredy-cat.
-What? asked Blanco, looking at them. – What happened?
Blanco I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you apologizes Strongman, lowering his head sadly and in tears.
Seeing the frustrated Athlete, Blanco decides to cheer him up and helped him Baby. They both hugged him so much that he cheered for joy.
-Thanks Blanco, I'm so glad – responded with joy Athlete.
-Please Athlete, like Dad said, Smurfs help each other – said Blanco, and all firmly agreed.
Blanco then heard a "woof." It was coming from the glade, and Blanco decided to see who it is makes a sound. When they turn they see in the clearing Smurfs together with the puppy. Baby laughed gleefully, seeing the puppy. Carplate played with him in the game, get the ball. Carplate threw the ball, and he fell right to the feet of Blanco. Cassette immediately noticed it.
Blanco – she said, and shouted to the guys. – Look, it's Blanco.
They saw him and Baby Smurf. They wanted to wave, but then it fled the puppy, because the ball from them.
"Stop," cried Blanco, the puppy, and then he stopped in front of him, sticking his tongue out.
The puppy looked closely at the strange smurf, whom he saw for the first time. He sniffed him and he smelled friendly. But seeing another Baby, the puppy realized it was a friend and he's licking tongue. Smurfette ran up and saw it.
- You liked the puppy – cheerfully replied Sassette, ran, embracing him.
- Glad to see you guys, said Blanco, embracing Cassette right hand and his left hand was holding the Baby. Seeing this, NAT runs up to help.
- Come on Blanco, I support the Baby? – asks the net, hands outstretched to take the baby.
What do you say Baby? Asked Blanco. The kid agrees, and Blanco passes the Net in his hands.
The puppy was running back and forth to get the ball. Blanco took the ball and threw it into the mouth of the puppy. He squeezed satisfied, and sat down. Mod was offended by Blanco.
-Now do not play in the ball - grumpy snorted the Mod, looking at Blanco. I'd rather you didn't call him Sassetta.
-Calm down a Dandy – answered a Slob. – He didn't know, I guess. Blanco tell me you didn't play ball with the other Smurfs?
-No, Slob replied wistfully Blanco. – I even grew up with them. After all, I came out a year ago.
Carplate was in shock. They knew every smurf, even in my father's album, have you seen what they were kids, but the white smurf among others were not and it was a mystery. Sassetta thought left him, and she flung herself into his arms.
Blanco, are you left – Hristova otvechala Cassette in tears, looking at Blanco.
-No Cassette, have not thrown me, - calmly replied Blanco, wiping her tears. Then he picked up the Baby and put him on his knees. - You know all the stories that Dad told but one that you don't know. This is a story about me. The story about where I came from and how I got to the village, and as I have family.
-You tell us the story – surprised Mod and sat down next to the other close that to hear the story. 
Blanco looked at them and realized that they should learn about it. Here he begins the story about the distant past, the smurf who wanted one thing – to find his family.
the real Creator of this character shini-smurf
Chapter 1.The return home.
In the usual calm day, all the Smurfs doing their job. Papa Smurf was doing research in the lab, Master has invented a invention, Smurfette watered your garden flowers, the wise man always tries to share wisdom with someone, but in return gets a kick. And on a glade play our little smurfet: Mod NAT, Slob, Sassette and Baby. They play the game caring for a puppy.
When they have finished care for the puppy Mod became to ask the guys.
Hey guys, we are after the grooming of the puppy going to do? asked the Mod.
We can go into the woods to play with Wild – offers net. – I think it's a great idea.
-We... - stop Slob awkward, but then finish - ... play an instrument? he finished his sentence in disbelief.
-Immediately evident that nothing you decide! – proudly said Cassette, looking at the confused boys.
This Baby Smurf laughed, and Smurfet was established on Cassette.
-What do you suggest? – all at once asked Sassette.
-I suggest... – just wanted it to end as suddenly flew past her, like a torpedo. 
Smurfette concerned about looking like a Loudmouth with a joyful smile dog (he is half behaved dog) runs to the house of the Pope.
-Mad dog, what's up with Screamer? – asks Sassette looking how to run a Screamer.
I don't know – answers Slob at a loss.
-Maybe he found something unusual! answered NAT, and surflet exchanged glances at each other.
-Then ran after him, maybe something unusual found. said Mod and they fled, taking the Baby and puppy. Meanwhile, the Screamer flies into the house of the Pope through the window. The Pope cried out: "Great Smurfs." Careless from the shock, jumped and fell on the genius.
-Wow, what was that? asks the Muddler in fear.
-Wally, please get off of me, says the old wise guy, lying underneath him. - It is hard when you're on top of me.
Oh. – he gasped Wally. – Sorry Nerd. I was really scared. But what was it? A bee or a Frog?
Dad liked away to the closet, and giggled.
- No, Wally, it's a Screamer, Dad said, when the Crier shook himself from the dust.
Screamer seeing the Dad runs to him and takes his hand. And asks that if he went after him, wants to show him. But Dad stops him and asks what's wrong. He must know what he saw, because he's the head of the village.
-What happened to the Screamer, you saw something? – asks Papa Smurf Loudmouth.
-Not something, but someone replied firmly.
-Yes, and who? – asked suspiciously Clever and intently waiting for an answer.
-BLLLLAAAACCCCCKKKKK! – with all the spirit he cried that much the house almost collapsed.
When they heard this name, in their eyes promelknulo drops of joy. He went to the Crier, and asked to make sure.
Blanco, did you see Blanco? – happily asked Dad, 
Barker shakes his head up and down saying, "Yes".
-My God, he's back, Clumsy whooping.
- Here is the news, the wise man was surprised, then remembering the old days.
Papa Smurf walked out of the house, called the Trumpeter, and asked to convene all of the Smurfs. All the Smurfs gathered in the square. Smurfette, Grandpa, Nanny, carplate and the others were worried and concerned by what is happening, why everything was going so suddenly. The mushroom stood Papa Smurf said.
-My little Smurfs, I have good news, the Crier saw in the distant Smurf, who went once on a long journey – meets happily Dad. - One that is different from all of us. The one that was timid and shy, but always stood out among us.
-Who is it? – Smurfs asked in surprise.
Blanco. firmly otvetil Papa your Smurfs.
Hearing this name, the Smurfs danced for joy, because they had not seen him in so long. They were so happy that their friend is returned. Especially the Screamer was very happy, because he was the first who saw him when he appeared in the village, and became his friend. But then Smurfette in disbelief asked.
-Papa Smurf. And who is this Blanko? asked Smurfs Smurfette and then stopped dancing. 
After Blanco left 1 year ago when Gargamel created Smurfette, catch the Smurfs. Dad tried to explain to her. 
-Smurfette, this smurf he... wanted to meet Papa Smurf to her question when he suddenly heard a familiar voice from the Smurfs.
-Hey, what's going on here? – asks them to Smurf. – Why is everyone gathered here? Not meet me?
All looked around and saw a Smurf. Then Smurfette and children were in shock. He was white as snow, eyes were red, like fire stones, and wearing a blue cap and pants. It was Blanco Smurf. 
Hey, hi, I returned, gently and calmly replied Blanco all the Smurfs who have seen with joyful smiles.
Blanco, is that you? – asked in surprise Nerd, not taking his eyes off him.
-You came back – happily meets Strongman. – Can't believe it.
I hate returning, but rhodanie from home even more. said the grouchy Curmudgeon, and slightly pulled a smile, as he missed the White Smurf.
Papa Smurf came to the white smurf, he held her tight and gently said, " return home. My little Smurf.". The minute these words, Blanco is unable to bear joy, weeping, because he came back home, I had left 3 years ago, it's been so long in the village. All rushed to hug and kiss him. But Smurfette, surflet and Crumb stood by and watched the Strange Smurf.
Wow, cheerful trot, what a surprise! – said in surprise Sassetta. – I didn't know there was a smurf!
-All Smurfs are blue, and this one is all white, ' said NAT.
- I really do not understand why the Screamer so ran to Papa Smurf out of this Smurf? asks with contempt the Mod, not taking his eyes from the Smurf that gets this attention than he is.
-Maybe he's special! – answered Slob, but the Mod did not like that answer. And Smurfette looked at the Albino who was beaming a sweet smile. She realized that he was very good.
Think it's pretty cute and good, said gently, Smurfette and smurfette surprised. They didn't expect this from her answer.
-Where's Baby? asked NAT, and one looked around, and noticed that he was gone.
Baby, where are you? – Smurfette yells, fearing that something happened
-Look, there he is, ' cried the Mod, putting a finger to the side of the Smurfs.
Baby knows all the Smurfs in the village, but this White Smurf curious, and he crawled toward him. Coming closer, he grabbed hold of his leg. Blanco dropped his head down and was surprised. For the time that it was not, he sees baby smurf, which was not yet before his appearance in the village. Blanco picks him up and looks at the baby. The kid looks at Blanco. He has a nice kind face, and he decides to grab his nose. Smurf was in shock. 
-Dad, who is this kid? Where did he come from? – surprise asks Blanco, but Dad quietly watching as the Baby meets with a new uncle.
Blanco meet Baby Smurf. replied gently Dad.
- Baby Smurf, the baby? – asked Blanco then went Strongman.
He's the only child in the village, my friend. said the Strong man, taking the Baby from Blanco. – You'll see, you'll like it that much you'll be begging to care for him.
And not only is Blanco.- she said Softy, taking him by the hand and led. – There is still someone you have not seen. You have to meet them.
Surprised Smurf suddenly interested, turns out it was not that long that in the village there is a new Smurfs. Papa Smurf went with them. They came to about smurfette and smartsteam. Blanco saw that Smurfette was surprised. He had not seen her.
Blanco is Smurfette. – introduced Dad.
-Um, hi..., I.... Smurfette – Smurfette confusion greeted him.
-Uh, Hello, I Blanco. replied Blanco.
-She's a girl Smurf, – said the wise man came to him.
-THE GIRL SMURF. – with surprise said Blanco, and looks closely at her. 
He saw only the human girls, but the girl Smurf for the first time.
-Don't worry Smurfette, so he's not ... I wanted to tell Dad, "terrible", but I didn't said it. Bad.
-No, Dad, it's okay, I just did not expect this, because you're all so white, like the Moon, and I think you're very cute and attractive Princess. – cute saying these words, Blanco turned pink by this, because this is the first compliments, which he had received from the girl. 
Sassetta noticing this, already smiling with joy.
-I blooming cheeks, he's so cute. said Cassette, coming closer to him.
Noticing Cassette, Blanco surprised. Beside her stood three more Smurfs and her own growth.
Blanco is Cossette, she's a little girl smurf in their company – answered Smurfette.
- "Oh," said Blanco, and then bent down to her and gently answered. – You want me to be friends with you?
-With me? said Cassette, and did not know what to answer him.
-I promise I'll take care of you and the rest sarvatah. he said.
His voice was so gentle, and he liked Cassette. With a happy smile she hugged him.
-It seems she likes you, ' replied Wally Blanco, looking at the joyful Assetto.
-What is your name? asked Blanco trio Smurfs who stood and looked at him.
-NAT, Mod, Slob, – and again they answered.
-WHAT! – Blanco cried out in surprise, looking closely at Smurfs. 
Them he recognized, but as adults Smurfs, not children. Then Dad came over and calmed him slightly.
-I'll explain everything later, but for now go over to the table. We must celebrate your return, ' said Dad.
"Okay," said Blanco, and they went to the table.
But did not have time to sit behind the chairs, when suddenly, Blanco raised on their shoulders. Blanco laughed with joy, because I know a smurf who loved to do it, it was a Screamer. Barker carried him on his back around the table so fast that his Smurfs couldn't stop.
-Dad, Loudmouth must be stopped, with anxiety, said the genius, looking at the Screamer, carrying on their shoulders Blanco.
-Daddy, what a Screamer like Blanco? – happily asked Sassette, depending on how fast.
More Sassetta. They are the best Friends. Dad said, and surflet surprised.
-FRIENDS!- said surflet, looking at the couple.
-The kind of friendship reminds me of two Smurfs. replied the Fashionista with a sneer.
Yeah the mod, they resemble the Nerd and a Klutz. answered NAT, looking at them, which blushed from the words.
Only fun they said Slob, looking at the Screamer and Blanco, and added. – And funny.
-Yes, exactly, Blanco, Loudmouth, Clumsy and Nerd the most ridiculous and funny Smurfs in the village, proud said Cassette.
Hearing this, the Smurfs immediately laughed and carplate anxiously looking at them. A lot laughed the Joker, Handsome and an Artist. It was so funny that the box the Joker burst from the explosion. Then carplate giggled over them because I didn't expect this. Then Blanco came to Cassette.
All good Sassetta, someday you'll understand, but let's laugh will be a little less. And then all the Smurfs will burst like a box of surprise – said Blanco.
Sassetta agreed with him, and sat down beside him at the table, to get acquainted with him. Blanco was very good, especially when sat next to a Loudmouth with a satisfied smile, he was so pleased that he's here. Soon, Greedy has baked, tasty, even sweet cake from smurfing, favorite food of the Smurfs. So happy talked, had fun, danced to music Smurfs that liked Blanco. He always danced the dance of 100 Smurfs, and it was cool. Then I came to him Smurfette and invited him to dance and he flushed, as the Smurfs were whispering and giggling, as he first dances with her. Blanco was so happy, because he is from where he began his journey in the distant past, in which he suffered many things and came to the village that he could call home. But not now, Blanco enjoy today, your day of return.
the real Creator of this character shini-smurf
Otdix F Oasise by vasilia95
Прошло несколько дней, как ребята добрались до Акраба. Они подружились с жителями города, хотя и немного застенчив, и люди очень удивляются. Они видели разных существ, но детей у мышей впервые. Человеческих детей, что им понравилось, и в итоге хорошо проводят время. Pandora и Уолли любил шить одежду вместе с принцессой Жасмин, которая оценила их по достоинству. Ее отец, Султан показал им свою коллекцию игрушек. Детей было мало игрушек дома, но Султан был намного больше.
В солнечный день фонтан был сидеть и умирать от скуки Стэн, Оливер и Бенджамин.
Стэн: Скучно.
Бенджамин: да, точно. Ничто не может быть сделано.
Оливер: Пандора и Уолли теперь с ужасными. например, и ее отец, Аладдин взял коврик и Яго на базаре. Может быть, мы пойдем к...
закончил, как он увидел Джина и Абу, одетый летнюю одежду. Они встали и побежали к ним.
Бенджамин: - Эй, Джинн. Куда ты пойдешь в таком виде?
Джинн: Абу пойду к оазису. Чтобы провести остаток.
Стэн: так, плавать правильно?
Абу: Да.
Оливер: мы можем прийти, тоже?
Джин: я думаю, что священник будет весело.( и превращается в вертолет). Войти. Следующая остановка оазис.
Троица была в восторге, и сел внутрь Джинн и улетел в сторону оазиса. Через несколько часов они приехали. Место полно тенистых пальм с фруктами, реки и водопады. Джинн заколдовал их плавки для мальчиков, и он нырнул в воду и поплыл, как лодка. Абу сидел на нем в качестве пассажира, но это было еще Стэн в темно-синий костюм, Оливер зеленый, красный и Бенджамин. Оба брата погрузились в воду в нескольких ярдах от джинна, и я плыл, и брызгали друг друга. Стэн не удержался Джин и прыгнул в середине, как бомба. У ребят было большое удовольствие.
Стэн: Большой. Мы давно так не веселились.
Джинн: отдых в оазисе-это лучший способ.
Вениамин: если бы он был здесь, он отдыхал от всей своей работы.
Джинн: не волнуйтесь. Я уверен, что в вашем мире, и он, и другие найдут способ вернуть тебя домой.
Стэн: и мы тоже собираемся найти способ.
Бенджамин: но я думаю.. ( не контракт, получает плюху от Оливера).
Оливер: давай, Бенджамин. Получайте удовольствие.
Джина: ой, водные игры начались.
Абу кивнул и запрыгнул на плечо Стэна, и начала разбрызгивать мальчиков с водой. Забывая и откладывая парни мысли, имеющие хорошее время в оазисе. Во-шлеп, Оливер спросил.
Оливер: что ты думаешь? Аладдин знает, где мы находимся?
Джинн: Да. Ведь Яго говорит.
Стэн: это верно. Он болтливый.
Бенджамин: да, большой клюв. Очень большие.
От этого они смеялись. Вскоре они начали собираться в дорогу до Акраба. Когда он вернулся вечером, Pandora и Уолли побежал к нему.
Пандора и Уолли: где вы были?
Стэн Оливер и Бенджамин: купались.
Оба улыбнулись и посмотрели на них и обняла. Джин сказал, что в следующий раз мы все вместе летят отдыхать. Дети кричали "ура!", как Яго и Абу, не оглохли, и Жасмин, держа за руку Аладдина, смеялись над ними.
Benjamin and Arabskai nochi by vasilia95

For some unknown reason the time machine Volt salting 5 children: Benjamin, Stan, Wally, Oliver and Pandora. However, the machine moved them not in time but in another space, in another world.

Shortly after the trip in the time machine, the children began to recover. They looked around and see they are in the garden of a beautiful Palace. Stan and Wally wanted to go inside, but then flew a strange blue creature. Through the magic of the Genie, although he was going to have a barbecue in the fresh air. Seeing children mice, the Genie screamed in fright and the children too, and hid behind a fountain.
Genie: Oh, my God. What is this?
Oliver and Pandora: This is what we are? It's you that is?
Genie: I am the Almighty Genie.
Benjamin: Genie. Did the Genie performing three wishes( forgot fear fun run to him).
Genie: Yes, but I'm a free Genie, and if I am a slave, a slave to fashion. Go here pearls and discount( from these words, Benjamin suffered nose down)
Wally: you mean you can't fulfill the desire.
Stan: So we don't get back to us( in a sorrowful tone said). We're stuck here forever.
Pandora: Forever( in tears said). Do we go back home.
Realizing this, the children cried in despair. Jinn then realized that these children are not from the world and out the other. Genie tried to comfort her, but the crying of children heard of Aladdin. He saw children mice, and could not believe my eyes. The Genie explained the situation and Aladdin decides that they need help. Suddenly Wally and Pandora are a few meters above the boys. In fear hugged each other, but then noticed that sitting on a magic carpet. The Mat makes a few flights that the children began to laugh, because the first time they fly on a magic carpet.
Stan: Wow. Now that is cool.
Iago: Yeah cool (said, sitting on Aladdin's shoulder). I was not expecting. Children mouse.
Wally: Talking parrot( getting off the carpet, ran up to him).
Genie: YES, he is always chatty.
Here on the shoulder of Benjamin sits down Abu, who was interested in children mouse. Oliver noticed him and patted him on the head. Abu liked the coasters that I embraced them as friends. Aladdin sat on her knees next to him.
Aladdin: don't despair. We will help you. I'm sure there's some way to return you home.
Genie: Yes guys. In search of the key, we get in an incredible adventure.
Children: ADVENTURE.
Iago: Yes, we will face dragons, sorcerers and monsters. In ' aqrabā the robbers live where you are.
Pandora: Here for your clothing, city of Arab.
Wally: looks Like it.
Stan: WELL, that's great. Arabic sing.
Oliver: It's gonna happen. Maybe uncle Jeronim like our history.
Benjamin: So it's all ready. Aladdin is ready we will go with you to adventure and in search of the key that upreit us home.
Aladdin: Well( taking them and positive on the Mat, and the Genie on their shoulders, Wally and Stan). Hit the road, I feel we all are waiting for adventure.
And they, along with the fun went on the carpet in the Arabian night.
пока я рисовал и делал чертежи и рисунки, я, в свою очередь, написать книгу о Blanco Смурф. Пока написал всю часть 1 История Белая зависть, а другие 2 я до сих пор думаю. Может быть, однажды она будет готова, и я уверен, что некоторые люди будут хотеть прочитать его.