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Dopros, Beselie, Love And Hug by vasilia95 Dopros, Beselie, Love And Hug by vasilia95
in the first row of the questioning
1. Oliver: Stan, why are you so angry? Wally and I am generally cheerful.
Stan: Not your business!
Wally: it Seems his mood is not good, Oliver?
Oliver: I think he's hiding?
Stan: he CHUCKLED.
2. Oliver: Hey(hug and he was dumbfounded), speak good, Stan, or I'll sasyktau.
Stan: Um.
Wally: Oh-Oh-Oh. How bad would it ended.
3. Lilo: What's going on here?
Oliver, Stan and Wally: LILO!
Lilo: Hello, boys.
Stan: Why are you here?
Lilo: Well I was bored in the jungle and decided to drop by. You're not busy?
Wally: No, you. We think what to play.
Oliver: Yeah. And then we've got a scowling boy as you can see.
Lilo: well, I'll shake.
All 3: AAA.
the second series of the fun.
1. Oliver: Wow how cool!
Wally: Yes( swinging in opposite directions). And we...?
Lilo: no No fall, Wally. I have you all firmly held.
Stan: Yes(dull). She holds tightly. Believe me.
Oliver( to himself): yeah, right now you will be a surprise.
2. Oliver: Lilo.
Lilo: Yes.
Oliver: I Have a way to make Stan Happy.
Lilo: As.( and the one in her ear). Hee-hee-hee.
Stan: Hey, you over chenmo laugh?.
Wally: What? What jokes are you kidding?
Oliver: No, Wally, it will be better jokes.
3. Stan(in Lilo): Ahh, Lilo. What are you doing?
Oliver: let's See how he will.
Wally: What will give? What do you mean?
Oliver: You'll See.
Stan: What to see? What did you tell her?
the third row love
1. Oliver and Wally:. This is a strong kiss.
Stan: Mmmm.(can not break away from the lips Lilo).
2. Oliver: Wally. Wally: Yes. What?
Oliver: I Want to be the best man at Stan's wedding, when an adult becomes.
Wally: I! Don't know, but I would try.
3. Lilo: Okay boys. I went. Yet.
Oliver and Wally: BYE!
Stan(happy): Bye.
While the fourth row.. hug
1 Oliver: look at him. So Happy. Wally: And grustniy the smile.
Oliver: And we'll bogrim( and said in my ear Wally).
2. Oliver and Wally: so( Abeele and he gasped). Time hugs.
3. Stan: Ah. Guys, thank you(he hugged them).
Oliver and Wally: Please.
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Kodimarto Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017   Filmographer
Jose-Ramiro Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, nice one here.
vasilia95 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oswald Icon no, it's all played out the story.
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I see. 
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