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This series could be useful as a guide for my cyberpunk series, Into The Mind.

Just the HUDs and such. Not the actual characters and stuff. lol
the world and I obviously need you to write a follow-up story for the Shelter animation movie, with that girl now going by the name of 88, wasting away in space, playing video games and kinda disappointing her robot caregiver. lol :)
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Loving this girl and her world
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Please keep me in loop on this nearly perfect Idea and creation you have started on......
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what anima is this ?
Peter-117's avatar
I think she is an OC.
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shes been sacrificing sleep for playing video games.
i would basically do the same if i was stuck in an abandoned ship
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IG-88 was an assassin droid in Star Wars.  Maybe as ships avatar (She seems to have a deep connection to the ships systems as evidenced by the displays) she is a high capability  safety and security monitor with  skills to match as needed but most of the time her idle cycle programs are to be a game playing teen and crew companion like a younger Andromeda? Its got potential.
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How does IG-88 fot into this picture?
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Day 1280 Sleep deprivation HP-92

88 continues to resist schedule 3
Designated SLEEP hours used for RECREATION
Addiction to LED Entertainment Unit grows steadily

******* *** ***** **** / 24h days
Adapting to 30h work days

Entering Schedule 4

It has been (7) days without incidents.


All those little details which add to the story are so well made ! 
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Day 1280. She's been all alone for over 3 years... ;_;
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after 1280 days of no sleep i'd have that semi-stoned look too. :)

A song comes to mind - 'Wake Me Up' by 'Avicii' (I prefer the Launchpad remix on youtube)
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Why is she on this ship? Does she have a mission?
dont overthink it XD
crumbelinadicarmello's avatar
Overthinking things is my Specialty! XD
Tattorack's avatar
So... she's all alone on the starship?
YuriLapointe's avatar
1260 days and only 92 HP!? What kind of bullshit is that? xD
This looks a lot like Eri Ninamori from FLCL, coincidence?
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