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sakuhina - TWO FINGER PUSH-UPS gif

By vashperado
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the last drawing got me thinkin about these two
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I'm jealous. I can't even do a pushup with both hands😭
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Yeeaaah... Strong girl ! ^^
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God I freakin love that pink haired doctor. 😍❤😘
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Haha XD
Great gif!
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haha cute animation! XD So Sakura, go! Very nice!
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That is BADASS!! Go Sakura, Go!

Lol, man... This is cool!

Hm, it's pairing...? Eh, I'm not that into yuri, but I think this is one hell of a funny picture! They both look great!
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did anybody else try to do this or is it just me
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How are your fingers?
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That moment where Hinata suddenly became a lesbian or her interest in Naruto just took a hell of a nosedive. :XD:
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haha, look at her go.  I love it!
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DAMMMNNN I can't do that!
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Naturally, Hinata needs not for this kind of intense training. Much like Rock Lee, Sakura's fighting style focuses on brute force and busting people's asses externally. Whilst Hyuuga taijutsu arts are more along the line of internal damage; most predominantly one's chakra points of which said chakra flows.
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I agree with you. But if Hinata does not train her endurance, along with speed, her opponent simply will not allow Hinata to apply her style. In the case of Sakura, it is absolutely true that her strength depends on both the control of the chakra, and on basic training of the hands, abs and legs (as a Rock Lee).

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thats badass man 2 finger push ups Go Sakura!!!
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XDDD awesome LOLOL
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Hinata rocks harder in my book!
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