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"People find life entirely too time consuming"
- Stanislaw J. Lec Unkempt Thoughts

Do you ever get that feeling that the internet is making you miss your own life?
I think about how reliant we all are on social media today compared to just 10 years ago, and imagine where it's headed.

spent DAYS on this.
*officially the most time I've ever put into one drawing*
Sort of ironic that i drew it on the computer tho..
is that not wasted time too?

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I redid my side panel that showcases this art on my PC. I love this picture so much. I think this time the lighting does it justice

Img 20210730 192054523
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I wonder what the ping time is like for their servers out there ...

Beautiful art, just i love how express itself. i don't have word to describe how it makes me feels like, just wonderful and amazing

Can we use this image

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okay finally found the artist of this beautiful lady! , i just want to say i love your art and love this character When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

FINALLY! Ive been looking for this for a very long time. I found this picture many years ago and lost it with a hard drive, i wanted to recover it and to congratulate you! Love this image!

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This is amazing

I found this as the image from some programming music mix and thought i'd check out the creator. This looks incredible and the vibes it gives perfectly fit the mood i am currently in. Love it!

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This photo brings so much happiness and joy and its sad that the Lofi stopped using it. Do you sell prints or have it in high res?

This guy has a Gumroad account where you can buy 4K versions of all the 88 works. It's quite expensive ($50) though and you get all the images, can't pick one. Go to gumroad/vashperado and search for "88 Wallpapers Collection". I don't have the money unfortunately, so another option is to use one of those online AI image upscales (like JPGHD) works like a charm.

Does it include the gif like what you see on relax beats on twitch?

Don’t think so

I'm also interested in having it in high resolution

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Coming from somebody a fair bit older than the Internet, it's definitely a weird space we live in these days (and I spent a lot of time of BBSes prior to the WWW being a thing). In some ways I think the difference between the old BBS days and the WWW is the amount of interactivity. The BBSes really didn't have graphics for the most part, and so you had to 'talk' to ppl. The Internet (and particularly social media), with it's images and like button, doesn't really encourage meaningful interaction. That interaction has been reduced to the ubiquitous 'Like'. It's the equivalent of the sci-fi 'meal pill' from the 60's.

But, I suppose if you get away from the virtual beaten path of social media, there are still little hole in the wall places where honest discourse still happens. As far as missing one's own life for the virtual world. I don't think this is any more the case than it is for somebody who reads all the time, or watches tv a lot. That said, I do sometimes feel I spend too much time living vicariously through the curated life of others than I would like to.

I love her, since I saw her. I would like to see more of her, she is so beautiful and she also looks a lot like me

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I like this picture cause it`s just so everyday life.

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Monstafluff has a live version I'm so jelly :-:

Hello, can you PM me, i've got a paid request about this graphic ;)

Soo creative and inspirational still amazing everytime i see it

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Love this! It's still one of my favorites till this day!

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Every few years I come back to this drawing. Thanks for being awesome vashperado. Hope things are going well for you in all the crazyness and here's to many more years of epicness to come. You got this! :)

loveit.. thankyou for sharing

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