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December 12, 2007
The suggestor says: "...The graphics, the characters, the animation is just stunning. All I can say is no wonder it won best anime at the CA International Animation Festivation..." and...what else could I add? Except for: fantastic team work!Yuki Tani No Shuraba+ by *vashperado
Featured by O-Uaglione
Suggested by ryuume
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Yuki Tani No Shuraba+

Yuki Tani No Shuraba
<scene of bloodshed at snow valley>

Best Anime 2007
California International Animation Festival '07

festival premiere - Oct 3rd 2007

~buy the DVD and Artbook [link]
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Hey awesome work here no kidding! Great animations! Keep at it alright? Watching your animations is awesome! I posted some animations too on my channel if you wanna take a look~ I'd love for some feedback^^
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That was fantastic! 
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Ok, I cried. ok. How did you make me cry in 5 minutes. How? holy shit! That... that was powerfull.
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*starts to cri*
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LunatoAnime's avatar
woah now don't be stupid m'lady you can find another hot dude in your anime lifeYamato Nervous Icon Sans Nervous Icon Nervous Briney-F2U Yamaguchi Nervous Icon 
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*oh*blushing*Anime Emoji (Blush Oh yay dance) [V6] Onodera Blushing Icon Hibiya Amamiya-01 (Shy Blush) [V2] Wendy - blushing Tsugumi Blushing Icon Shouta Kazehaya (Blushing all over) [V1] 
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hey! women can be badass warriors!
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*duh duh duh (tension)*
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i'm coming for ya! lol
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oh a battle yeah fightingNatsu - Karyuu no Hokou Natsu - I'm so ''happy'' to see you Pikachu Thunder Emote :ohnoesrambo: 
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the excitement yet to come on this adventure of a lifetime
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this made me cry... epic work.
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wew! holy, crap that was intense! I had tears in my eyes >3<  
vashperado's avatar
oh thank you so much!!
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Holy Shit! Awesome! What's the rest of the story behind these two? Is there an anime of manga? Damn it, I want to know more.

You made us more interested in the story of a five minute clip then most studios do with full length, big budget movies. Well done.
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what animation software did you use ?
CoffeeVannaCardinal's avatar

Oh gracious, the Bird reminds me of 
Howl, from Howl's Moving Castle. ;w; 
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That was great
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submit  category  for the my movie animated ???   category ? in mp4 ?
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