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Tryin to ride thru Hyrule, i cant go 20 feet without Navi babbling about Saria, this little bitch is starting to piss me off~

if you wish you could mush her, gimme a Hell Yeah!
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i actually really like Navi!
she's like, Link's only friend.
so why would Link ever want to harm her?
she's the whole reason Link was able to meet Zelda.
and Malon.
and Impa.
and everyone else.
OMG i love Navi too. I thought i was the only one. Navi FTW. I can totally agree with you
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link! you should be ashamed!
navi actualy helps you...alot
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Oh guys, we all love Navi, don't we? Problem?
this is how i feel every time i play OoT!

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my reaction to navi
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LAWL! i heard someone with a "hey Listen" ring tone for there texts
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sorry about my language
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hell yeah
die you fucking fairy
How much does it take to tell a hater to shut the F#CK up? I find it quite ironic. You consider her annoying, but if you listen to your reactions to her, how much you talk about how you hate her, you will realize that you are even more annoying, and thus a hypocrite.
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Navi: If you kill me, you won't be able to use L-Targeting anymore.

Link: ...dammit...
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Haha! This is very funny! =)
Before Navi appeared: Link was a loser. An outcast. A nobody. Saria may not have bullied him, but she never rid him of his loneliness either. That little "bitch" is the first and only friend Link had. She gave him happiness. Yes, you, the player, sees her as an annoying little pest, but how about Link? He would have continued suffering, being the outcast. The nobody. Yep, you are telling Link to kill his best, and only true friend.
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Im glad they're a few people who see Navi for what she is. I wish she didnt have so much hate
Let's remember that this is a VIDEO-GAME not real life.this is what I want to do to navi :stupidme:
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No, who Link really needs to kill is that stupid Owl, popping up everywhere. Man, I hate that guy.
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same here i mean can get annoying if played the 64 and 3ds verison of ocrina of time me i played like 2 the master quest verison and regular on the 3ds and she is more annoying in the master quest than the regular
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