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Rey is bae~ <3

kiiiiinda obsessed with this movie right now

Star Wars © Lucasfilm / Disney

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Really nice style Applaud fella (Reactions)

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Lovely. 👌

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Beautifully gorgeous! :love:

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This is beautiful!!

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Love the tearful yet determined expression of emotion here

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I too wanted to like Rey. Lovely art!
Potentially great character, badly-handled and written.
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Great art! but worst Jedi 
I write for a high school newspaper and we're doing an article about the new star wars movie, to see if fans like it. I'm having trouble finding non-copyright star wars pictures, so I was wondering if we could feature yours?

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Simply beautiful!!!!! Clap Awwww... she's crying... Waaaah!
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This is gorgeous!
WOW! Very classy art! I like it.Bendy dab emote 
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Love your art style - and I like the lightsaber lighting.

May the Fourth be with you.

Blue Lightsaber Emoticon STAR WARS 7 ICON-- BB-8! Blue Lightsaber Emoticon 
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The best heroine of Star wars
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Rey is bae, indeed ^_^
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Wow ! That's amazing.
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Happy Star icon Heart 3D Beautiful... just beautiful! Excellent work!Favorites Icon 3D Fav fella (Badge) 
God this is so amazing! I keep coming back to it!
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Rey does look so stunning here!
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Her lips are fucking perfect, teach me
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