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PUMPKOFF 11 - Hear You Scream

ALIEN pumpkin this year~
I didnt carve one last year, and I was super bummed about that, so I made sure I did this year~

no OFFICIAL pumpkoff this year, but its tradition~ If any of you are carving this weekend, or have already, send me a link in a note titled PUMPKOFF 11 and I'll feature them in a journal!

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It's amazing what some people can do with pumkins!
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shock and awe that is awesome
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just awesome ;D i love Aliens and cool Lighteffects :)
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omg thats freking amazing!!!! i didnt get to do a pumpkin this year and am super upset about it :/
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ah that sucks! next year yea?
moonwalker22's avatar
yea next year i just gotta fuiger out what ima carve on it lol
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WOW! that's amazing!
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OMG is perfect allie O.o very good
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yo to tell you the truth that looks just like a xenomorph
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I think I just fell in love with you. No homo.
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LOL back atcha!~
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way better than the one i made, good work.
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Whoa man, that is the most EPIC PUMPKIN EVER!!!!! D=

Seriously man, how long did this take, it's so awesome!!

You should totally take a photo of it every day as it rots down and compile it into like a time lapse slideshow of epic pumpkin alien rotting down and mutating. =D
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LOL it very very quickly didnt look like an alien anymore
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"They mostly come out at night... mostly."
Great job man, love it!
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