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Mister Creed

Sabretooth rocks~

havent drawn him since i was like 6, feels good man!
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..... *shivers happily* my... oh my.... I could certainly happy if he looked at me like that....
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Saber looks badass with that beard, rockin!!
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YOU drew him at 6 years D=!?!?!?! ZOMFG You're a god! XD GREAT GREAT draw!
It looks like you combined Kraven and Creed. Looks great though.
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i just wanted to make him more animaly
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GET A SHAVE YER BUM! [weakly shakes fist] >(
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no way maaaan, yer killin my groove!
burn down the barber shop!
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Like the tone!:D
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Like your take on Sabretooth. Looks like he's getting ready to inflict a world of pain on someone.
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droppin some hurtin' bombs
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awesome job man the funniest thing is i drew juggernaut the other day and i haven't draw him in easily 15 years
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woah. :) :clap:

I am especially liking that glint in his eyes. ;) The beard and the hair and his grim expression somehow fit so deeply in this. I have to admit, you strongly outdid yourself here (you were so awesome anyways in the first place ;D)
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Feels good? heck looks good too! really love the eyes!
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thank you fatal!
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