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Haruno Sakura - Katami

By vashperado
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Aww, poor Sakura-chan.. :aww: ..she misses her Sasuke-kun. :(

I totally wanted to draw a 'badass' sakura cuz she suddenly got really tuff and cool..
..but my mood while drawing her didn't jive.
I was lonely, so thats what came out!

But heck, i dont ever draw anything that has any real feeling to it, so this is a first for me!
She's holding sasuke's hitai-ate bytheway, in case ur confused! :XD:
its hard to draw the leaf and get that scratch thru it, while trying to keep it shiny! OY
They look so cool with the scratch thru it! ^_^
..i flipped when Naruto clawed that with his chakra!
totally foreshadowing symbology of "YOU ABANDONED THE LEAF, MOFO!!"

im rambling again..
anywho, any Sakura-haters out there can go jump in a lake, cuz she rawks ass now!!
~and she's hot! :love:
(arigato, kishimoto-sama)

~title means 'Memento/keepsake"
:heart: ~Mikey-kun
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ChibiRito101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Them arms, tho. XD
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ChubbPandaHobbyist Traditional Artist
aw...poor sakura
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The coloring on this is beautiful. WHY WON'T SASUKE COME BACK?!?!!?!? :cries: Poor Sakura.
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Damn, she's got nice arms. It is effect of Tsunade's training, I do believe, yes?

Heh, bet Tsunade forced poor Sakura to curl cars instead of dumpbells and bench pressing trucks instead of barbells :D

Still, results are sexy and kissable (who would not love to kiss that kind of muscle when girl flexes it? :D)
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skeptikernProfessional Digital Artist
Well she certainly grew in the show and thank good for that consider I could barely stand her over girlie ways at first. But now I can even sympathise with her :)

Great illustration of her :)
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vashperadoProfessional Filmographer
thank you :)
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skeptikernProfessional Digital Artist
Anytime :aww:

You did a great work with the drawing as well :)
Kimba13's avatar sad but so kawaii!
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vashperadoProfessional Filmographer
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awww !!
thats really effective x
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I've watched you for over a year now and I still like coming back to this one. You are awesome Mike.

I was inspired to do my own version from this one
Thank you so much for sharing your works. I hope you keep bringing on awesome stuff :)
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vashperadoProfessional Filmographer
wow thanx alot~~ I appreciate that, I hope you keep an eye on my stuff, I'll try not to dissapoint~ Good Luck!!
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Dark-AnmutProfessional Digital Artist
Aww, Sakura-San looks so lonely. (Maybe you should go and keep her company??)
I love her tattoo and the background!
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Eh... I'll admit it... I am a hardcore Sakura hater, mostly because I find her very shallow and generic and so much like Amy Rose and Akane Tendoh that it scares the shit out of me. BUT!! This is a fantastic drawing, and even a Sakura despiser like me can see that, so great job!
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vashperadoProfessional Filmographer
thank you~ :)
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Ninja-Artist-ZeroHobbyist Digital Artist
She is so hot. Gives me naughty thoughts.
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KittyLilacStudent Photographer
hey cool!

i saw this on google and wuz like

must find who drew this!

and i did!

very nice job! love it!
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Temari-the-KazekageHobbyist Traditional Artist
i agree sakura is badass i really hated her at first in the original naruto but when i started to watch shipidden she is my fav as well as sai and itachi
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Great colours @_@
You choose really amazing colous and effects, they are awesome!

And she is really sad here, awww...X3
Especally that hair look great! They add her such sad charm...

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vashperadoProfessional Filmographer
thank you~
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nice job
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mutyiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love, love, love it!
Poor Sakura-chan.. I hope, that Sasuke will come back. And Sakura will kick his ass!
I very like her hands. They are so big, but very... strong ^^
Everythings is ok, but why her headband isnt red? Medic-ninja has got red... I think so.
Her skirt is the best :D So short xD
Love :+fav:
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Hey, I need really good pictures for my AMV I'm making for my fanfic. I was wondering if I could use this pic? I'm totally against people taking pictures from Deviant art without asking the artist. It REALLY is amazing!
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