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"So, how did you find out you were a Lesbian?"

*shows them this*
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So badass view... ;)
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fareeha is so gorgeous <3
i just wish she had more character
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If I was Commander Shepherd this would be my favorite picture on the citadel.
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I got that joke and it's a great joke! 
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You should draw Ana with Pharah. Preferably an adorable kiddo Pharah and younger Ana.
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butt thats one i love kora XD
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powerful work. 
very expressive
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This looks amazing!
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Très beau graphisme ! Heart 
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awesome work i like it
At first glance seeing the thumbnail I thought this was Korra.
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This rock queen is really hot!  :horny: revamp
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that rim lighting really makes the whole image pop! great work
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thats fuckin amazing 
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Amazing job dude!
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Looks pissed!

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is this made on coral painter? awesome work.
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