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Catra from the upcoming She-ra reboot~  
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Looks like my cat when she wak up.

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This is really good! I like her facial expression!
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Catra is scary, approach her with extreme caution...

Careful. Watch those claws by BillyM12345

Great pic!
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Catra is actually the one character I am most excited about when I saw the changes to her appearance and the backstory she shares with Adora. Can't wait to see what they will do with her.

And I agree, changing the characters so they're younger is not bad at all. It is a new version of the show, with a new, different direction. That doesn't make it worse than the old one. I dare to say it might even have the potential to be better than the original.

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Is it a coincidence she looks like someone from Thunder Cats?
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Well, it's based in a 90s cartoon from the same era, and she's a cat girl... Honestly, she looks more like humanoid Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo.

By the way, hey again Watcher of Worlds! You a fan of Catra too?
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Im not well versed or even born in that era of cartoons, but I recognize good kind of design when I see it.
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Way better than her original design, I'll say. Hey, it's a cat girl! You can't go wrong with cat girls (save maybe... THAT movie)
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Oh yeah by a mile. Much better outline and all.

No please, im still fighting the memory of seeing old cat Ian Mchellan
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Well, there IS Season 3 Finale Catra... Seriously, that just screamed SCP KETER CONTAINMENT BREACH.
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Hellooooooo Beauty~!
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The look of ' lucky I have neither the time nor patience."
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I know this is going to sound like a broken record but I LEGITIMATELY thought this was a guy. And that's a problem. SOME kind of gender indicator would have been a good idea. I don't see this happening with this version:…

The complaints are legitimate.
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I disagree, its a good update on something old fashioned 
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I don't see the value in turning classic adult characters into minimalized, gender-neutral, children. It speaks to post-modernist, nerverland pathology. It suggests not only an undeveloped, but a willingly undeveloped, psyche. There's nothing wrong with old-fashioned. And it's not even really an update. An update should speak to the sensibilities of the time. This speaks to the sensibilities of a small minority opinion. And it's not even that really. It's just a stripping down into a cal-art-esque beige goo of indistinct character traits. Seriously you need to be able to identify things by appearance. A picture is supposed to be worth 1000 words and this design doesn't even relay the most basic ones. (And I'm not kidding. When I first saw this character design I seriously thought guy. That shouldn't happen. That wouldn't happen if the design elements were adequate. (This is coming from someone who was familiar with the character))

(And don't get me wrong, this isn't an indictment of you, the art is technically good. But the design is... worthless, is the word that feels right)
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to an extent i agree with this statement and all the fronts of it

i also see your a fan of the original

but i will say one thing
her design is still distinguishable from afar of and you can still tell that she is a girl unlike how adora looks as she-ra 

i by no means am defending this show, i saw the whole season and was displeased in its art and animation direction
but i think this catra shares some close resembles to her original version and i quite like it. i saw the old version's design and i like that one as well

i eel like this design is a good successor to the original :w:
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GNot bad, definitely as improvment on the old normal looking person with cat themed costume design.  Like her expression too, looks irritated very catlike.
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No way... SHe-Ra Reboot? How? WHen??
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