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Who ya gonna call!!?!?
Closkwise from top-left::
Kotetsu, Asuma, Izumo, and Shikamaru
one of the COOLESt 4-man teams i ever seeeeen, yo!!

i just had the greatest peice of cake ever!! i didnt know cake could be so good! :drool:
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these are my favorite characters in that season, they fought kakuzu and hidan right??
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Why did Asuma have to die T_T He was one of my most favourite Naruto characters then.
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And then Shikamaru as well....
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ah I remember when Naruto first came out I had the biggest crush on Kotetsu and Izumo <3 still do.
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dem dudes are badass
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Bitches don't know that Kotetsu is straight up NINJA GANGSTA.
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XDDD i gave that bitch some chakra
bitches love chakra
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^ Best quote ever.
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One of the bests ideas I see XDD
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i cried when Asuma died *tear*
just thought u should know
*crawls in corner and sobs due to the reminder of Asuma-sensie's death*
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Very fun and awesome!
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All the hot ones!! :la:
So nice! I am not very updated with the series, but even the "eternal chuunin gate guards" look cool, especially Kotetsu.[link]
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"eternal chuunin gate guards" ahaha that made me laugh :D
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So awesome, Love Kotetsu's face/pose. Its the best XD
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XD thanx phoenix
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No Problem, Keep up the good work ^_^
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love this team, also I am a proud anti-akatsuki lol so awesome
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