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Aiko Glas 1

cell shaded commission for :iconzchdrgn: of oc Aiko Glas after a workout
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My wife has that exact tattoo in that exact spot.  Weird!
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She's fit and beautiful, but that micro short...
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Keep working it girl.  Very fit, very tight little abs.
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I really don't think there is a more beautiful thing in this word than a fit beautiful female body.
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she sort of looks like the wii fit trainer
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Nice, she has such a pretty body :)
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Don't know who this is but well done.
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O.O havent seen your work in a while. very good!
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She is really good :lovelyeyes: 
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XDDD thansk a lot
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So i look at my notifications
i see 13 deviation notifications
and i just go "Fuck, i gotta sort through this shit now..."
THEN i see that 9 are by vashperado

Definitely worth sorting through.
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LMAO i had to post all the ones i had posted on tumblr over the last month or 2 XDD
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Ahh, makes sense now 

But there was no 88, i'm sad now D:

*hugs* Please marry me~
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She looks like Natsuo from Teppuu. 
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i keep hearing i should read teppuu!  maybe i should
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My first thought was: Wii Fit Trainer. :p
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LOL i can see it
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Looks like a badass version of the Wii Fit Trainer... :)
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