88 stress doodle
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drawn at work last week
my job has gotten really frustrating and im not sure ill make it to the end of the season
I want to quit, but its really hard to walk away from paying job
its been hard and im stressed out

i tend to use 88 as like a depression avatar when im feeling overwhelmed
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88 is clearly the reflection of the artist.
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88 is love, 88 is life!
loving that/her character so much
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Nymbusu|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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It would be great to see a comic or read a story about 88. You've drawn her numerous times in so many different scenarios that it's like you're building a narrative featuring her as the lead. I think it would awesome to see a comic about her somewhere down the line.
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MummyMetaller|Professional General Artist
Love the rawness of this pic. 

If you're really struggling is there a possibility to search for a new job as you're working? Hope things work out for you :(
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Juunipper|Hobbyist General Artist
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Kanji-The-Wanderer|Student General Artist
Beautiful, amazing work~! 
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Love the 88 series!!
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Try to do different things that You never done in your past. Like make some new and exciting sport or join some ludic activity in your city. I think that it can allievate Your stress.

I'm with you, brother.
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nikkaroo|Student General Artist
hope things get better for you soon, vash! :heart:
-sends love and support
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TRiGGER80|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Weve talked about things like that - i feel ya, man!!

As for 88:
Poor thing - Picture makes me want to give 'er  hug!
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Sergane|Hobbyist Writer
where are you working ? Your art is one of the most amazing I've ever seen, please take good care of yourself ! 
Sending you some of my energy through the Genki Dama of us all ! 
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i know how you feel bud. we get so many cool 88s from you as a result of it though, so i'm certainly grateful. sometimes i use my work as procrastination leverage to get my personal projects done. i wish i could quit and work on them full-time, but i know the moment i try to do that, my motivation to work on them goes away.
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Don't quit your job unless you have another one lined up. It can be tough working a crappy job and I have had several. Bad managers, hostile work environment, unsanitary disgusting should be shut down by health inspector places etc. The thing is if you live on your own you rely on an income so yes it may suck but push through until you find something better.
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El-R|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry to hear about your issues. I really like your art and it's so fun to watch you on Tumblr! But we value you, if that helps for something.
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gummy-gundam|Hobbyist General Artist
your stress art rocks, try not to stress over things that a hit squad would be better suited for LOL or just trip that one annoying person and pretend to be engrossed in work
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I understand your feelings. There's sometimes a bad atmosphere in my workplace. Do not lose courage. Drawing allows to relax. Keep it up !
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I know the feeling man. It is a shitty position to be in. Is it a project base job? If it is then its easy to bare with till the end. If it is not... well it just means its time to look for another job

As always love the 88 works. Yet finding out that 88 is a stress drawing is a little troubling -_-;;
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Great! Awesome anatomy!
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Hang in there man
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