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Faye Valentine
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See you space cowboy...
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Beautiful and lovely
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I love how you made the texture of her outfit
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Wow... what a lovely Valentine we have here.
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Wow, thanks for actually including the fact that according to the character designer, she's of part-chinese descent! Gorgeous.
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thanks! i wanted to show that in her face
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Ah, Faye. She got bills to pay.
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She looks too Asian.
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she is asian lmao
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It is heavily implied in the show that she was originally from Singapore, that's where all of the flashbacks to her childhood on her VHS tape were filmed.  When she went to Earth and met the old woman that knew her from 70 years ago, they were in Singapore (The lion statues seen in that episode are a famous landmark there).

She can't look 'too Asian', the character IS Asian.
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I wish DA had a like comment button for this. //points above// she is most definitely ASIAN.
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I am pretty sure that Cowboy Bebops timeline in the future from where we are now and in current trends of the population, in the future we all will be a little Asian.

its the only logical evolutionary conclusion.

just saying.

and I could understand why he would suggest she is white because her name is Faye Valentine, not Anong Valentine. (Anong is a Thai girls name, used only in example) 
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd for all we know she could be of mixed race. she is a cartoon afterall so everyone has their own vision of Faye.

still no excuse for racism.

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Oof this is so good! <3
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Vash ...omg you are perfect
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