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My Bio
I am a visual artist working and living in Toronto. I try my best to make art that either captures a feeling or causes one. Hope you like my work, and yours.


Favourite Visual Artist
Norio Matsumoto,Takeshi Obata, MC Escher, Koji Morimoto, Takahiro Yoshimatsu, and Qiqo
Favourite Movies
The Godfather, Aliens, Meet Joe Black, T2, LostInTranslation, Godzilla Movies..
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Metallica, FaithNoMore, Slayer, Oz, InFlames, CoB, CoF, BLS, Pink Floyd, Soilwork.
Favourite Games
Legend of Zelda- the Ocarina of Time
Favourite Gaming Platform
SNES (keepin' it old-school)
Tools of the Trade
Hammers, Nails, Duct Tape, and WD-40?
WOW havent been here in years, do people still write journals? Posting backlog of art from the last 2 years since i last signed in, its a loooot, Hope u like it! Apologies if you left a comment or sent a note that i didnt see or respond to, its been a while! gonna try to keep on top of posting here as I finish art and not let it pile up. The online artist life kinda takes you from one site to another over the years, and I used DA less and less the more i got into tumblr, then tumblr fizzled out and i started over on twitter! Im much more active on twitter so if you need me for anything important, best to ask me over there! @vashperado on twitter. i dont see the notes here for years, and then it feels silly to reply to a question 2 years later, but i try to reply to some. Man, being here on devart is strange, takes u back. even posting a DA journal?! feels like 2009 hah do plz accounts still work? :iconcoolplz: no? lmao Well! was nice to see u again! how u been?
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Every year i am stunned~ I am never prepared for the humongous amount of bday messages when I log in here,..   I plowed through 20 pages of Happy Birthdays on my wall and really thank you guys so much! You make me feel great, and I hope you all are doin well, and have a wonderful holidays with your fam drinkin warm drinks by a fire~ Much love~ Me
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Hey homies! im starting a full time gig on monday so im gonna officially close commissions until we wrap~ Thanks to everyone who commissioned me, i had a lot of fun with them this year! Im gonna be working on my first feature film so im pretty excited~ I cant say what it is yet, but its a popular horror franchise I'ts been a dream of mine to someday see my name in credits at the movies! wish me luck! <3 Mike / Vashito
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I love your muscular characters, absolutely adorable! Say, do you take requests all?

I absolutely love your wrestler OCs. Are you perhaps offering commissions?

I waited for years for your commission to be opened!

there is a webcomic you should see

''HELLGASM SLAUGHTER'' is a webcomic that i ramdomly found on TAPAS a webcomic publishing site, which look like some kind of kill la kill/ devilman/evangelion fusion. It tells the story of the devil of pride Belial who fight hell and heaven armies to become the new ruler of the cosmos, and there a lot of stuff about hell and its 13 circles. The story is full of dark humor and bloody fight with funny insane characters.

PS: take time to read cause there are lots details which can be easily missed sometimes (particulary in fights)

here the link :

The webcomic is updated all the 4-5 days. When a chapter is finished, the next starts after a month. The chapter 13 is ongoing

your page is phenomenal! fell in love with your artstyle instantly!

thanks so much!