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"Hiya, miss. I don't get out often, but now that I am... The only one I want to spend time with is you. <3"

Name: Pox (有毒狐) Oleander 
Age: 21 (actually 121 years)
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5' 11"
--Fox Ht: 1' 11" (at shoulder)
Weight: 150 lbs.
--Fox Wt: 25 lbs.
World of Origin: A world similar to Earth, but full of free-roaming demons...
Magic Color: Neon Yellow/Green (... lemon/lime magic =u= )
Profession: Electrical/Computer Engineer (also a slick hacker, developer of artificial poison magic, and a hermit)
Most likely to be Found: Hanging around Jacob or the cute ladies ;)

-Using* artificial "poison" (more like gas) magic to...
-------Put others to sleep
-------Make himself seem more attractive
-------Suffocate people
-------Provide a smog cover for escape
-------etc. (basically, anything a gas can do, Pox can engineer his magic to perform in the same way, go wild with this if you really want to)
                         *He has to wear his mask (goggles optional) to utilize this magic
-Turn into a fox
-Using fox fire (Neon blues/yellows/greens)
Strengths: Being absurdly good with technology, his uber soft & silky hair and tail
Weaknesses: Cute girls around his age, getting his hair stroked, cuddling
Likes: (all of his weaknesses), sweets, having no technical errors and everything running smoothly, flirting with cute girls, cute girls (x2) (pssst he really wants a girlfriend but he can't find one that will put up with his work habits (workaholic)), neon colors, Jacob
Dislikes: Getting rejected, when things go wrong and he has to put more time into fixing them, Kyuu (well, he loves his dad too, but c'mon Kyuu's a total freak), getting embarrassed by his father, his father showing up or being in the vicinity when Pox is trying to get a girl to go out with him

Background: Pox lived with his father (Kyuu) and mother (Ilace) before moving out and partnering with his cousin, Kuro. He helped Kuro design his mansion and retrofit the old castle it was built over with recent technology and a lot of other neat things. He was monitoring the equipment and maintenancing it before he took Ametsuchi's temporary additional engineer job. He hopes he'll be able to get a cute girlfriend through the tourney, as he rarely goes out. (He's always busy with maintenance and personal projects)

Personality: Pox is a really sweet guy and pretty nice, but he gets more nervous the more he talks with cute girls... (He'll come off as really cool at first, then become a sputtering mess as he's just so happy to have someone like him and being nervous to lose that relationship.) He's dismissive around his father and becomes easily ticked off, always growling at Kyuu to leave him alone (morely when there's a cute girl nearby)... 
When talking to 'normal' people, Pox is really chill and speaks only when necessary. He's a man of few words when others don't interest him...(He's not as much of a trickster as his father, but he will make dry humor comments where appropriate and smirk when others get it.)
Pox is more of a solo guy and values his time alone greatly, but he also wants a cute girl to cuddle with on his lap while he's working and have someone pleasant to sleep with/next to.

-Actually a huge nerd
-Will make nerd jokes
-Refuses to call Kyuu "daddy", ever, despite Kyuu's pleading and begging (and giggling)
-Is secretly terrified he'll become like his father in the future
-Will only let the girl he marries touch the orb in his mask's mouth
-Pox was naturally drawn to Jacob because they both like to work, and they've been really good buddies ever since their first meeting (they hit it off really well)

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