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"'I'm the master of my own destiny'? Don't make me laugh! I can see it all unfold before you~"

Name: Kyuu (九) Unmei (運命)
Age: 29 (actually, it's 743 years, but he won't tell anyone that)
Species: Kitsune
Gender: Male (His android body is pretty feminine though)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6'
--Fox Ht: 2' 3"
Weight: 190 lbs.
--Fox Wt: 55 lbs.
World of Origin: A world similar to Earth, but full of free-roaming demons...
Magic Color: Icy blue
Profession: Fortune Teller/Seer (also a pervert and considers embarrassing his sons to be his second job)
Most likely to be Found: Bothering Pox or lying around somewhere, bored

-Seeing into the future
-creating illusions (mainly for revealing future scenes using his orb)
-turn into a fox
-using fox fire (icy blues/pinks)
-can levitate
Strengths: Intimidating people (either by being creepy or pessimistic about the future), dad jokes
Weaknesses: People touching the red orb in his chest (it makes him uncharacteristically nervous), getting wet
Likes: Making innaproppriate comments and teasing people (especially Pox), instilling fear in humans (the more intsense, the better), cute young adults (both girls and guys), getting up in people's space and waaaay too close for comfort, flirting
Dislikes: People disregarding his predictions, people taunting him over "incorrect" predictions, anyone who hurts his sons (more emotionally than physically), those who "change" fate, getting dirty (especially bloody), being bored, fools

Background: A kitsune who unfortunately lost his physical form shortly after he settled down to have a family. (His old boss wasn't too happy with his leave...) He's an excellent fortune teller, as everything he predicts comes true. He scoffs at those who think they can change their predestined fate.
Kyuu used to work directly under Lucifer as a seer, but now he's working for Ametsuchi for the same purpose. He was tricked into working for her, actually... Ametsuchi created the body specifically for Kyuu, as he had none, to lure him in to being her tourney's seer. It worked, and Kyuu accepted her deal that he would get to keep the body after the tourney was finished.

Personality: Kyuu is very forward and doesn't care much for the opinions of others (unless they're criticizing his predictions, of course). He gets a real kick out of making all sorts of comments and embarrassing or teasing others, and greatly enjoys intimidating people as well. He speaks with a somewhat feminine voice and loves being in this female android body, and especially how this form creepys out his son Pox. (Kyuu will actively act overly feminine and dramatic in attemping to trick people into thinking he is actually a girl.) He is quite a trickster, but surprisingly not with his predictions. When telling others' futures, he displays any images available onto the floating orb he carries with him and describes the events of the future as acurately as possible. Because of his precision with his work, he gets especially annoyed when people disrespect or disregard him...
When discussing serious matters (like fortunes), Kyuu speaks calmly and is actually pretty reserved and professional. That's how he acts about 5% of the time though... he enjoys spending the other 95% of his time being an overall freak and bothering others, otherwise he'd be quite bored.

-He is shiny ^u^ (and very smooth)
-His tails are holographic, as well as the floating sash
-His oldest son is Pox... there are several more, though
-Makes innapropriate comments especially if Pox has to do any maintenance on Kyuu's android body (Pox makes disgusted faces in response and threatens to stop fixing the body, which shuts up Kyuu very quickly)
-Actually a freak

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Wow, coool!
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You welcome, I want to be part of this Oct group x3
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Ahh, good luck on your entry <3
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You're welcome ~
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I love the pastel color scheme, it contrasts nicely with his very mean attitude ^^
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Thank you~ Tricking people is fun, isn't it? :3 Especially with those outward appearances...!
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All this time during the development, I never realized that he was a male XDDD
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See? A real trickster! He got ya good!
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