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Windows 7 Remixed Cursors

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Go to [link]
for download!
© 2009 - 2020 VasanRajeswaran
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these will look cool on my pc!!
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My life is finally COMPLETE! Found the perfect mouse edit :3
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Sup. I used your cursor pack and figured it was nice enough, the only real thing it lacked was Easy to use installation.

So, I've thrown a bit of bits together and re-packaged it with a whole lot of easy to use installer .inf's , so people can just start using the cursors with just "Install".

I've also gone and bothered to make the source tree for these INF's available via github should anyone find bugs in my .inf files.

For people who just want the cursors,

  1. Self Extracting Archive

  2. Unpack it

  3. Find the .inf file that describes the theme(s) you want installed.

  4. Right click -> Install.

  5. The theme is now visible in Windows Pointer selection =)

Tested to work on Windows 8.

Enjoy :D
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Thanks Man
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AbhishekGhoshHobbyist General Artist
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ziddu. cheater.
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Im having a money problem...

Im a software developer so i need some money for developing my apps..

Many sites has hosted my applications and 100's of users download my tools everyday but they never donate me or pay me.

So am i a stupid to do these things?
So i decided to use ziddu as my money earning site rather than begging for money. :p
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yea. Do what works for you. Hey if you wanna make a little extra money do cashcrate [link]

I really like, it's easy to use. But only if you can tolerate doing surveys/cash offers. It's 100% legit. Check up on it online, no scam blogs on it or anything. They send you a check every month as long as you build up to a minimum of $20. And you know it's not a scam because they don't ask for money to register or participate. You only pay money for the few offers that want you to sign up for things with a credit card or want you to buy something. Don't do anything that asks for you Social security number though, just to be safe. It's not to replace a job though. You don't make enough money for that.
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oh... have u ever received a check????????
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yea, last one was 42.25 i was able to get so much cause one of the offers was 40.00 and it was just applying for a debit card. I didn't have a credit score at all so, hehe, wasn't applicable. But i still got money for filling it out. make sure you read the description. It tells you how much you have to do to qualify for the cash. make sure you do the tutorial video after you register too. it helps.
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kewl cursors! great colours
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Explain for me, if you would, Vasanlosez, why you would go to the elaborate lengths of posting an installer to a hijack site for a 512kB download of aero-type cursors. If you're a member of :devart: you can post the cursor download right here. Instead you lure people onto a site that not only DOESN'T download the cursors, but hauls their browser all over the net until they have to use task manager to stop it. That stunt alone is enough to warrant board/administrative action.

Fix this now, and post these properly, or I will make you my personal project.

You don't want that. :katana:
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Hey u! r u a real tech like me?
Don shout like dumb who acts like he knws everything... ok!

Ziddu is not a hijacked site!
Hw do u knw that?

Im a member of Ziddu for 4years..
It is runned by Globe7. Do u knw that!

Dont talk lyk people without brain! BULLSH**
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Jesus! How old are you, twelve? Look at my Gallery if you want to know whether I'm a 'tech.' I've been compiling code, probably twenty years before you were born.

I also don't give a rat's ass who "Ziddu" is 'runned' by. If it uses pop-ups to pull browsers off the download page, it's a 'hijack' site.

Brains? I've got a Master's Degree in Molecular Biology. Do you have one of those?

I didn't think so.

Post these deviations properly!
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Internet tough guy AND flamboyant qualification claims.

It's almost like a parody!
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how are these different than default?
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By different colours bro!!!
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Great Cursors!
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