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Multirole Frigate

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I would totally pay 85+ $$$ for I model about the size of a standard adult arm length!

It also be cool if you could make a 3d model render!
I know how much work it is soo you don't have too

EDIT: since this ship I SO Epic, can I use it as my Profile pic?
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We all live in a space submarine, space submarine, a space submarine......

Sorry it just came up in my head and i felt i had to.

It's Awesome! I just wondering, where, is the bridge? it's been bugging me now for some days..
But even without that detail i think it's so cool and... awesome.
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Why, it's hidden under the thick layer of armor, just like on it should be on any self-respecting space submarine!
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Good one, good one.
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What do you mean confederate
Whats the size of this thing?

And have you thought of doing a carrier in the same style? I would love to see one.
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217 meters.

And yeah, I thought about it. Problems is, between the RSI contest and commissioned work, I don't have all that much time left, so my hands are kinda tied right now.
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Need to zoom 200% to see all the thoughtful details put into this.
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love the design, and the render, very sharp. What sort on renderer did you use?
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Excellent work I do like the way you handled the textures quite a lot on this ship. It gives it something special.
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