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To all of the people who like my work and add it to favorites, collections etc.

I really appreciate your interest. I am glad you like what I created and any time I receive a message that anybody added my work to favorites or collection, I take my time to take a look into his or her gallery - and mostly I find it interesting. But first of all I'm happy that you notice and appreciate me :)

I appreciate you as well. I like what you draw, photograph or whatever means you use to express yourself.

Take these words as a one big THANK YOU FOR FAVING to all of you. It really means more than creating tons of comments saying the same without much reflection. This is DA, not Facebook - so keep the server disk space for art ;)

And... Thanks again! :)

[via: :iconcaithuniverse:]

and i do answer any question you'd ask me in a comment.
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i've posted some of the animated .gif's i've been making for years, to my LJ:… :)

if you're interested in flags, please check this album on FB, where i've posted many interesting designs from all over the world. :)
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i've made all the graphics, photos, layout, html and part of the texts on this site. :)
well, the first Polish site about Udmurtia. :D
under permanent construction.

how do i insert images? HTML doesn't work. BBCODE doesn't work. WTF doesn't work.
HTML worked on previous entries. now it does not. :
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i'm making a font based on the lettering used in my Etymolendarz series.
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for Christmas i got from my sister a document case with a "Ugro-Finnic" flag of mine:

and for my birthday - from my friend i got a T-shirt with my "Hungarian Runic" "varpho" logo:

it's great to see my own deviations in reality. :D
i'm joining the *gravewalkers group.