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Uralic flag, Finno-Ugric flag

this is a flag consisting of elements of some Finno-Ugric nations' flags: Hungarian [red-white-green tricolore], Finnish [off-centered "Scandinavian" cross, blue stripes] and Udmurt [the central "toleź" symbol, black-white-red tricolore].

you may be also interested in seeing my other finno-ugric art:

new Uralic flag
totem-like compilation of Finno-Ugric symbols
"u-f" Finno-Ugric logo,
official logo of Uralistica web community
"эше" logo,
Finno-Ugric language tree logo,
śaśka - Udmurt flower logo [and another version]

and my posters: website
Estonian day at the Warsaw University
presentation of photos from Mordovia

check also a version with the "toleź" changing its colour [just for fun].
i couldn't decide if it should be red [like on the flag of Udmurtia] or blue [a pan-Finnic colour].
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I love this flag it is a great design.  Varpo, are you Szymon Pawlas?  If so I went to that site on facebook to join that group now pending.
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thank you!
yes, i'm Szymon Pawlas. :)
you mean this group? what's your name on fb?
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Yes, that is the group and my name on facebook is Stephen Barlow my cover photo is world map of country flag balls.  Anyway i love your art but mostly that flag art and that flag I love it.
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8-pointed red star- it's ancient symbol of Slavic- Aryan ...!
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yes, it has many meanings, but i think it's used most prominently by Finno-Ugric peoples. i don't know any Slavic nation using the 8-pointed star as their main national emblem, like Finno-Ugric nations do [Udmurts, Mordvinians, Karelians].
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Looks a little too busy for a flag to me. But it still looks awesome! :D
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thanks! :) and i agree it's complicated, but originally it wasn't intended to represent the Finno-Ugric nations as a whole, but was just a mix of flags of some Finno-Ugric nations.
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Cleverly done.
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I love it! the "toleź" (muhu mänd/kaheksakand in estonian) is absolutely my favorite symbol! i'm thinking about getting it tattooed on my arm.
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Yes! I speak all three langueas. (Though Hungarian better than Finnish better than Udmurt.)
varpho's avatar
great! and i know those languages in the very same order. :)
Lemniskate's avatar
Oikein hyvä, sitten angolul már nem is beszélünk :)
varpho's avatar
örülökpäгес. :D
Lemniskate's avatar
"-гес" egy igén? Azaz most már jobban örülsz mint azelött?
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I think it looked better with a blue tolez... but it's some epic vexillology!
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yes, maybe...
thanks. i love vexillology! :)
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u udmurtov s finami ,tak mnogo obshego??
varpho's avatar
язык родственный, это уже много.
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oow, slick :D glad to know that i'm not the only one crazy about flags!
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