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Uralic flag



the "hu-fi-ud" flag proposal, which was originally intended merely as a merge of flags of these three nations [Hungarian, Finnish and Udmurt], gained some popularity as a "Finno-Ugric flag". however, its design was reasonably found too complicated and not representative enough for Finno-Ugric (Uralic) nations and languages. that's why i made a new attempt to design such a universal flag.

the main motive of all of them is the 8-pointed star / sun / moon symbol found on flags of Udmurtia, Mordovia and on the coat of arms of Karelia.

it has 8 points / rays as there are 8 cardinal directions in Finnish and Estonian language.

proposal #1 is the most comprehensive, but also the most complicated one. it's made of a "Nordic" off-centred cross connected with an "X-like" cross, i.e. a saltire, which is also off-centred here.
the intersection of these two crosses creates another shape, the 8-pointed "Udmurt" star.
colours are taken from flags of Uralic nations, for example: red and green is taken from the Hungarian flag, blue from the Finnish flag and the Yamalo-Nenets flag, black from the Estonian flag and the Udmurt flag, yellow from the Ingrian flag, blue and green from the Khanty-Mansi flag, blue and red from flags of Mari-El and Mordovia etc.
however, no colour stands for a particular nation, it's rather their multitude which is important and relevant here, because it shows the diversity of Uralic nations.
the "Nordic" off-centred cross is characteristic for many [Baltic-]Finnic flags.
the main symbol [modified or not] is found on some Permic and Volgaic flags.
the main symbol is off-centred like a symbol on the Saami flag, and according to some interpretations it may also refer to the Sun, just like the circle on the Saami flag.
the fact that there are two crosses, may also refer to the double cross from the coat of arms of Hungary.

as far as colours are concerned, see also my "Schraffurfahne".

proposals #2 and #3 are just simplified versions of proposal #1.

#2 displays the 8-pointed symbol in its proper colour as it appears on flags of Udmurtia and Mordovia and also the "Nordic" cross as it appears on the flag of Finland.

proposal #4 is made of eight squares in different colours, confining the 8-pointed symbol made of the empty space between them.

you can discuss the proposals here or on
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I see why so many colours on #1, but prefer #2 or #3 which are simplified. Probably number #2 with two black and two green stripes on the saltire cross would be my choice.