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Finnic flags



Illustration to my article about Finnic flags, available [in Polish] in the last [20 (44), January-March 2019] issue of "FLAGA", official bulletin of the Polish Vexillological Society:… The light blue background is for Finnish flags and emblems, the light green one – for Karelian ones, the dark grey one – for Estonian ones and the light grey one – for other symbols. The arrows indicate the influence, the boxes with rounded borders encompass flags or coats of arms used by the same entity. The box with blue-and-white borders encompasses Finnish flags featuring these very colours, while the yellow-and-red one encompasses those Finnish flags that make use of the Finnish heraldic colours. The coats of arms of Duke John, of Hungary and of Sweden are shown as shields only. 

Finnish flags:
A2, H6: coat of arms of Finland
A3: Student Union of Helsinki, 1848
B1: Nyland Yachting Club, 1861
B3: proposal from 1863
C2-3: two proposals from 1904
D1: national flag proposal, 1917
D3: merchant flag proposal, 1917
E2: national flag, 1918
E3: Swedish speaking Finns
F1, I6: national flag of Finland
F2: state flag of Finland
H5: Åland Islands
I5: Tornedalians
B7: Duke John, 1557
A7: proposal by Ray
H7: Finnish Lutheran Church

Karelian flags:
B5-4: Uhtua government, 1918-19
A5: Karelian Regiment, 1918
B-C6, C7: independent Karelia, 1920
C5: Ludic Karelians
D5: Vepsians
D-E6: Kalevalʹskij District
D-F7: Kalevalâ
F5-6: proposal by Karelian immigrants in Finland, 1930s
G6: Karelia, 1562
C8: proposal by Litvin, 1992
D-E8: proposal by Nivin, 1992
D-E9: Rep. of Karelia, 1993
F8: Lihoslavlʹskij District
I7: Rep. of Karelia proposal
A8: Karelian ASSR, 1956
B8: Karelian ASSR proposal by Laurla, 1976
A9: Karelo-Finnish SSR, 1940
B9: Karelo-Finnish SSR proposal, 1947
C9: Karelo-Finnish SSR, 1953

Estonian flags:
I10: Baltic German nobility of Estonia
H10: Russian Governorate of Estonia
G10: Estonia[n Students’ Society], 1881
F9: Estonian National Independence Party, 1988
H9: state flag proposal, 1920
I9: proposal by Leimann, 1934
G8: Estonian Lutheran Church
G11: Mulgi people
H-I11: Seto people
D10, F10, F11: Võro people
E10: Võro County
A-B10: Estonian SSR

other flags:
H-I2: Hungarian People’s Republic
H-I3: Hungary
H-I4: Sweden
G3-5: Izhorians
E4-5: Ingrians
C-D4: Votes
G7: Academic Karelia Society, Ingria
H8: Luther rose
I8: Russia
C10: Latvian SSR
A11: Latvia
B11: Livonians
C11: Kvens
D11: Sami
E11: my Finno-Ugric flag proposal

Own work, partially based on vector images created by the following Wikimedia contributors: Ericmetro [Flag_of_Latvian_SSR, Flag_of_the_Estonian_Soviet_Socialist_Republic, Flag_of_the_Karelo-Finnish_SSR], Thommy9 [Coat_of_arms_of_Hungary, Coat_of_arms_of_Hungary_(1949-1956), Coat_of_arms_of_Hungary_(1957-1990)], Care [Kontiolahti.vaakuna, Tuulos.vaakuna], Nokka [Flag_of_Estonian_SSR_(1940-1953), Flag_of_Karelo-Finnish_SSR_(1940-1953)], Urmas [Flag_of_Setomaa, Võrumaa_lipp], Vzb83 [Coat_of_arms_of_Finland, Flag_of_Finland_(state)], Fenn-O-maniC [Coat_of_Arms_of_East_Karelia_(1920-1922)], Fry1989 [Coat_of_arms_of_Austria], Hellerick [Coat_of_arms_of_Stavropol_Krai], Hosmich [Flag_of_the_Kven_people], Indolences [Laurel_wreath], Jarkko Piiroinen [Pohjois-Karjala.vaakuna], IACOBVS [Coat_of_Arms_of_the_Evangelical_Lutheran_Church_of_Finland], Jpaalasm [Uudenmaan_historiallisen_maakunnan_vaakuna], Judicieux [Flag_of_Montreal], Loginname [Coat_of_Arms_of_Veliky_Novgorod], Lupo [Vasa_Royal_COA], Orange-kun [Lesser_Coat_of_Arms_of_Russian_Empire], Permjak [Flag_of_Likhoslavlsky_rayon_(Tver_oblast)], Regicollis [Finnish_grand_ducal_crown], Sodacan [Torse_of_a_British_Gentleman], СССР [Coat_of_Arms_of_Republic_of_Karelia], Tomia [Länsi-Suomen_länin_vaakuna], Valeriy10f [Flag_igora].

The original images can be found at the addresses according to the following pattern: 

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