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"es ist nicht Deine Schuld, daß die Welt ist wie sie ist,
es wär nur Deine Schuld, wenn sie so bleibt"


some observations about the post-'50. flags of three Transcaucasian Soviet Republics.

1) Georgian SSR was the only SSR to have a flag with red [instead of golden] hammer & sickle, it was also one of only four republics to have on its flag not only straight stripes as distinctive feature, but also other elements. the characteristic "Georgian" element was a light blue disc beaming with 24 rays. i think it might be a transformation of a well known Georgian solar symbol "Borjgali" [which probably means 'strong shining'], comprising seven rotating crescents.
i made two versions of the Georgian SSR flag, where i replaced the beaming disc with classical "Borjgali" or a compromise symbol with 24 crescents.

2) both Armenian and Azerbaijan SSR's had a dark blue horizontal stripe as distinctive symbol, the difference lied in its position. so i decided to connect both flags of these bordering [yet conflicted] republics.

3) a very similar dark blue horizontal stripe is placed in the central position of the modern [and pre-Soviet] Armenian flag, so i combined both flags by colouring the hammer & sickle and the lower portion of the flag of the Armenian SSR in the "apricot" colour.

"Zaqafqaziya" is Azeri for "Transcaucasia" and i like this very much because it's a hybrid: the root is from Russian "Закавказье" and the suffix "-iya" from Arabic "-iyya(t)". also, it's written phonetically in the Turkic Latin alphabet; the Cyrillic version would be "Загафгазија", with "г".
Angkor Viet
in 1979 the extremely xenophobic Cambodian regime of Khmer Rouge leaded by Pol Pot [called "Democratic Kampuchea"] was defeated by Vietnamese Communists, who established the People's Republic of Kampuchea.

the flag of the "Democratic Kampuchea" featured a yellow silhouette of Angkor Wat temple against a red background, the flag of the People's Republic of Kampuchea was very similar, the main difference was the number of towers shown [three on the flag of the country ruled by Khmer Rouge and five on the flag of the People's Republic of Kampuchea].

the meaning attached to the five towers was the same as that of the five points of the star on the Vietnamese flag:

"The five-towered Angkor Wat silhouette refers to the unity of soldiers, traders, workers, peasants and intellectuals of Kampuchea."


"The star represents the five main classes in Vietnamese society—intellectuals, farmers, workers, businesspeople and military personnel."

this 5-towered Cambodian flag was in fact a revival of the flag of Khmer Issarak, but the similarity of both fivefoldnesses is clear. so i decided to rearrange the 5-pointed star into something roughly corresponding to a 5-towered temple. :)

BTW the yellow star on red background stands for "those of red blood and yellow skin". IMHO it would make more sense reversed: a skin surrounded by blood is not a healthy thing. ;)
i haven't found a similar explanation of the flag of South Vietnam, but its three red stripes may symbolize red arteries under yellow skin. ;)
stylized flags of 16 voivodeships of Poland
stylizowane flagi szesnastu województw
a flag proposal for the Union State of Russia and Belarus, featuring the stripes from the flags of Soviet republics.
the stylized text reads "Союзное государство" and "Саюзная дзяржава", or, rather, something like "Соаюзноаея госудзяржаствоа" :D

here my previous attempt:…
ХВ = Христос Воскрес!
ЯХВЕ = יהוה

happy Eastern Easter! :)


To all of the people who like my work and add it to favorites, collections etc.

I really appreciate your interest. I am glad you like what I created and any time I receive a message that anybody added my work to favorites or collection, I take my time to take a look into his or her gallery - and mostly I find it interesting. But first of all I'm happy that you notice and appreciate me :)

I appreciate you as well. I like what you draw, photograph or whatever means you use to express yourself.

Take these words as a one big THANK YOU FOR FAVING to all of you. It really means more than creating tons of comments saying the same without much reflection. This is DA, not Facebook - so keep the server disk space for art ;)

And... Thanks again! :)

[via: :iconcaithuniverse:]

and i do answer any question you'd ask me in a comment.
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