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This is a good time to tell you that I like tumblr a lot and I use it everyday : ) Let me know yours as well if you want! Um I’m big pokemon nuzlocke/undertale brain rn lol Not planning on bailing yet but yknow… I don’t post much here anyway
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Hiya. I have a batch of 9 chitter adopts to post tomorrow. You can subtract the cost of your myo slot from the total price ($60) like before, but this batch isn’t going to be exclusive to people with slots, so basically just a flat sale (with perks for myo slot holders). Hope dats ok… hope everyone’s doing well.. see ya tomorrow 👋🫰
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Hi. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and weighing the pros and cons but I think ultimately it’s not that deep. I’m not interested in chitters as a closed species, I just love them as another little side project with a story I may or may never get around to telling you. Don’t know… in the meantime, anyone who thinks they’re neat should just have fun with them. Hey look at this (click it) It's, I think, all the basic information about chitters and their society you'd need if you want to imagine a canon compliant storyline. Not that you need to stay within canon...idc... There's still a few placeholder images and text, but I'm looking forward to adding more on my own time. = ) So just to be explicit, Chittercida are open. You can make your own. All traits are open, too. Including illegals (living, aquatic, synthetic) and hauntids. You don't have to credit me when you upload them anywhere. The masterlist won't be updated anymore. MYO slot compensation: My only hangup when
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