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I'm not really active here. And really haven't been for a while :'0 I'm prominently active on my Instagram and my toyhouse! If you want to see new art, check out that here or just search for Crow_raptor. Sorry, dA has changed so much and it's really hard to update myself on the new features when I have a lot going on.

Also, if you are doing AF, please go here! I'm team Spice!

Twitter -

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Well, I wanted to abandon this account, but here I am. So one big reason I left is because I hated the interface, and I hated how this doesn't have a proper well-made mobile version. It makes being active here very hard because I am rarely around my computer unless I am drawing.
So I will try to be active again. I am cleaning up my gallery and making new folder Icons ETC.
And I will throw on all the new art.
Afterwards, I will get caught up on all your art as well so be prepared for some spam haha. Keep in mind I cannot comment on everything, so I'll comment on things I really really like.

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1 min read
Yeah, I'm going to leave this deviantart account. Don't worry, you did nothing wrong, it's all me.
I just don't like the way this dA turned out. I want to start fresh and I feel like getting a new account will do that.
I'll keep the page up but i'll delete most of my art and repost it there. I'll keep the really old stuff so i have a reference to when i made it. 
I'll also refollow peeps i enjoy but not everyone. 
I'm sorry guys. I just grew to get really bored and underactive with dA and it won't change unless i do so...
See some of you soon.
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1 min read
Heya, I want you guys to send me your art wishes for this winter.
I might draw some stuff for people this winter so yeah. o3o Send your journals or refs of your characters! Don't be shy.
I won't draw everything but I'll try to draw some~
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Tagged by the legenday 0dd-Eye THANKS. IT"S MEME TIME.

What is your real name and nickname?
Shardis: Shardis o3o Nicknames.... don't remember =3='
Mina: Hiya! I'm Mina! I haven't been given a nickname yet TvT
Sorrik: My name is Sorrik. Mina tends to call me Sorri. Not sure if I like it yet

Bullet; Purple Nice~ So... what's your current age?
Shardis: Hmm... I think... *counts his fingers slowly* I think 24...?
Mina: I'm 22!! >3<
Sorrik: 25.

Bullet; Purple What is your favorite food?
Shardis: Anything that isn't Arachnee legs. *shivers* eww...
Mina: Sandwiches~ Especially with my special home-made bread. 
Sorrik: I like soups and quiches. ^^

Bullet; Purple And your favorite drink?
Shardis: Root beer!! ovo
Mina: Milk. Especially when it's warm <3
Sorrik: Water? I guess cola is pretty good... on special days.

Bullet; Purple Confession time, Who is your lover?
Shardis: *shurgs* Don't have one :v
Mina: *blushes* Don't have one yet... >//>
Sorrik: Well... I... Um... I don't have one.

Bullet; Purple Have you kissed anyone yet?
Shardis: nope! o3o
Mina: No. not yet. >//>
Sorrik: Well, there was this one girl at my cousin's wedding, but it was just for conventional reasons

Bullet; Purple Do you have a childhood sweetheart?
Shardis: No? o3o Do I? I don't think I understand.
Mina: Nah, not really. I had friends, but we all kinda thought kooties was a thing too.
Sorrik: Well, I had a bit of a crush on a girl as a kid when I was in school... She didn't share those feelings though.

Bullet; Purple Who is your favorite author?
Shardis: Author? >_> Is that a book thing?
Mina: Hmm... well, I don't read much. i should borrow some books from Sorri! 
Sorrik: Well, I prefer historical texts... Most have no author. 

Bullet; Purple What is your biggest fear?
Mina: Dying and getting hurt. *sighs*
Sorrik: Right now, not passing my exams at Huppermage University.

Bullet; Purple Any siblings?
Shardis: Nope o3o
Mina: No, I was a single child. 
Sorrik: Yes, A older and younger brother. Both quite destructive and annoying at the best of times.

Bullet; Purple Who is your worst enemy?
Mina: Nothing really. Though on some days I think Shardis can be my worst enemy.
Sorrik: Sleep. =_= I would love to be able to never sleep and get all of my studies done.

Bullet; Purple Well, who is your best friend?
Shardis: Eh. :v Don't have any.
Mina: Sorrik and Shardis! Even though Shar-Shar won't admit it.
Sorrik: Mina, I suppose.

Bullet; Purple What would you do if you meet your creator?
Shardis: Big hug!! o3o
Mina: Not sure. Make flower crowns? Those are fun uvu
Sorrik: Read through all of my texts. I would assume that suffices as entertainment enough u3u

Bullet; Purple What do you want to be when you're grown up?
Shardis: I am grown up. Is this a trick question? =3=
Mina: A professional chef!! >v<
Sorrik: Possibly a historian. Or a archaeologist. ^^

Bullet; Purple What is your worst nightmare?
Shardis: Iops don't get nightmares either!! We are so powerful that the nightmares go into other people's fear... glands. e3e" ...Maybe the last part isn't true.
Mina: Never finding my way back home... I miss you, mother and father...
Sorrik: Right now, Not passing my exam. I general... not being able to help anyone. Especially Mina.

Bullet; Purple What is your life long dream?
Shardis: Meeting the Iop God. >:U My only one true dream. 
Mina: Hmm... Well, meeting the right guy and having a family.
Sorrik: Lifelong, huh? Finding some land would be nice. Then grow herbs and make remedies until the end of my days as I write my own studies. And doing archaeology like i said before. 

Bullet; Purple What would you do if your dream came true?
Mina: *giggles* >v> I would be so happy~
Sorrik: i would be content~

Bullet; Purple Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?
Shardis: Haven bag u3u 
Mina: Around the farm fields C: The wheat moving in the wind is so pretty.
Sorrik: My house and the university. The only places that have pure knowledge, you know, aside from the drunk students.

Bullet; Purple Last question, what do you do most of the time?
Shardis: Defending the forest, and making decorations and bags. u3u Dungeon-ing too!
Mina: Bake. ^^
Sorrik: Reading and writing. 

Bullet; Purple Alright~ Well, thanks for being here to take this interview, guys~ We appreciate you being here with us!
Shardis: No problem man! o3o
Mina: No, thank you! It was fun!! >v<
Sorrik: You are very welcome. Hope you enjoyed our answers.

Or if you want too xD That too.

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