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Hail to the King, Baby

By VariaZim
Happy holidays to all of my friends and fans!

I've been busy practicing figure drawing so I haven't painted much on the computer, but I thought I should make something postable~

I coloured it, looks better this way. Hope you like!
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This is just a thought. The nose and mouth in some parts are too "fat" or big, the head in the upper part is a bit small could be the proportion the mouth is to big so it looks like the upper head is small. he has little hair, the size its ok but the distribution is the bad thing. The technique it's very basic but very good the shading it's very good and the lightning also. The smoke could be better if it was more fluid. The hair it's a little to hard if it was more soft but not much, will be much better. But outside that it is amazing!
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Hold up a second.
(Cuts Bowser's right hand off and replaces it with a chainsaw)
THERE we go!
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I ♡ Bowser so much, he so beast, his nose looks nice and does his face ^-^
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Fucking awesome.
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Hmm...............Ive heard this line from somewhere else...................................A comic..........Some comic
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Army of Darkness
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Damn this is so awesome! Wow, awesome and skillful work there of yours. And Bowser looks really dark and evil here! Awesome!
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You're very welcome! :D
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*the (I think?)

Really nice shading, great depth. cool interpretation of Bowser. Love it!
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Wow whoops. Fixed!
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Yay! Very cool, correct spelling or no.
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That is just awesome! Those details are pretty impressive, and Bowser just looks so real! Great work!
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Hail to the king, indeed. This is incredibly badass!
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Amazing work! and Happy Holidays to you! :)
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Amazing is all that I can say. I really can't think of anything else to say about this. Great job.
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"BWAHAHAHAHA, i've taken your precious Princess once again plumber and since it's Xmas and it's the time for give, she's kindly letting his majesty enter down the chimney to deliver her a present BWAHAHAHA" LMAO, HAHAHAHA....pardon me, just had to say it when i saw this but this is really awesome, love what you did here, very nice, Merry Christmas 2 u 2!! :)
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Oh I don't celebrate christmas lol
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LOL, well whatever you have on this day, enjoy it, haha!! XD
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This looks excellent and it is stunningly realistic! :D
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