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Jersey Shored - Part 3 :iconvarianm:varianm 3 0
Jersey Shored - Part 2
Day 2
After breakfast the next morning, Luan sat in the living room playing the piano while her father prepared for his meeting, her brother read and her mother continued her review of the economics journal. Luan loved playing the piano and she enjoyed playing for others, although playing with her mother in the room was tiring. She knew that she wouldn’t be half the pianist she was today if it wasn’t for her mother’s insistence on perfection, but it would be nice to play for fun while they were on vacation. She was currently playing Franz Liszt’s “La Campanella”. She’d yet to make it through the whole piece without being interrupted.
“Allegretto not allegro, Luan,” Ting-lan said without looking up from her crossword.
“Mother, I still need a new bathing suit before we go on the speed boat tour.”
“I know, dear. We will go just as soon as you play the piece as written. The admissions board at Julliard
:iconvarianm:varianm 4 0
Jersey Shored - part 1
Jersey Shored - part 1
By Varian Milagro
Based on the story idea by David Plymouth
Synopsis: Unbeknownst to the Huangs, a Chinese American family of four, the vacation home they just purchased is the very same house featured in MTV’s “Jersey Shore”. They are about to discover that there was a reason everyone who lived in the house looked and acted as they did.
Day 1
“How much longer should we wait for Lynn, dear?” Ting-lan asked.
Ting-lan stood outside a two story, brown shingled house with her husband, Kang and their two children, Shen and Luan. Like her husband, she had a slight Mandarin accent. Both were second generation Chinese Americans and picked up the accents from listening to their parent’s speak broken English at home. Thankfully, both children spoke fluent, accent free English and Chinese. At five-three, she was the shortest of the family and the only one who carried extra weight.
:iconvarianm:varianm 6 4
Mature content
Coffee and Cigarettes: A Love Story - part 3 of 3 :iconvarianm:varianm 1 0
Mature content
Coffee and Cigarettes: A Love Story - part 2 of 3 :iconvarianm:varianm 0 0
Mature content
Coffee and Cigarettes: A Love Story - part 1 of 3 :iconvarianm:varianm 2 0
Mature content
Unforced Errors - part 2 of 2 :iconvarianm:varianm 1 0
Mature content
Unforced Errors - part 1 of 2 :iconvarianm:varianm 2 0
Mature content
Bethanys Mom Smokes for Her Man - part 2 of 2 :iconvarianm:varianm 1 0
Mature content
Bethany's Mom Smokes for Her Man - part 1 of 2 :iconvarianm:varianm 1 1
Mature content
The Birth of Bethany - part 2 of 2 :iconvarianm:varianm 2 0
Mature content
The Birth of Bethany - part 1 of 2 :iconvarianm:varianm 3 0
Mature content
The Purse Came First - part 4 of 4 :iconvarianm:varianm 6 1
Mature content
The Purse Came First - part 3 of 4 :iconvarianm:varianm 6 1
Mature content
The Purse Came First - part 2 of 4 :iconvarianm:varianm 7 1
Mature content
The Purse Came First - part 1 of 4 :iconvarianm:varianm 9 2


Harper and Carey: The Tentacular Terror by Cinemach
Mature content
Harper and Carey: The Tentacular Terror :iconcinemach:Cinemach 95 43
Handsome to pretty tg Sequence by Rezuban Handsome to pretty tg Sequence :iconrezuban:Rezuban 1,178 49 Kareless - TG Transformation by Grumpy-TG Kareless - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 1,604 86 Bimbo Tattoo 000 Cover by MrPhoenyxx
Mature content
Bimbo Tattoo 000 Cover :iconmrphoenyxx:MrPhoenyxx 75 15
Fairy Diet by TinyThea Fairy Diet :icontinythea:TinyThea 42 15 Ursala's Daughter by disneyfanart1998 Ursala's Daughter :icondisneyfanart1998:disneyfanart1998 12 0 Ariel chillin with the homies by ToolKitten
Mature content
Ariel chillin with the homies :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 1,622 65
The Clowning Touch 00 by miycko The Clowning Touch 00 :iconmiycko:miycko 59 3 Butterfly Salon 4 'Happy Families' teaser 6 by morphed08
Mature content
Butterfly Salon 4 'Happy Families' teaser 6 :iconmorphed08:morphed08 9 5
The Puzzle Box Curse by randomking
Mature content
The Puzzle Box Curse :iconrandomking:randomking 38 1
The Bimbo's Curse: Origins - Page 01 by AdiabaticCombustion The Bimbo's Curse: Origins - Page 01 :iconadiabaticcombustion:AdiabaticCombustion 108 18 Paradox Alice 2 - Issue 01 by MissMakoDap
Mature content
Paradox Alice 2 - Issue 01 :iconmissmakodap:MissMakoDap 17 5
Jack's Thanksgiving Story p1
Jack's Thanksgiving Story
Part 1
        "Hey, Nerd! I think this is your locker."
        Jack turned to the voice, but all he saw was a meaty fist as it slammed into
his face. The impact shoved him into one of the school's red
lockers. The back of his head thudded in a noisy collision with the metal and
shot a spike of pain that raced up and down his spine, competing with the
sting of his nose where the fist had landed. The world seemed to flash white
around him and he could hear laughter, there was more than one person.
        Sliding to the floor, Jack reached up to rub the back of his head, running
his fingers through thick black hair which fell down to his neck. There was
no blood, but his head was tender and he could feel intense spots of pain
as his hand brushed over it. His other hand checked his nose, though it didn'
t feel broken, his glasses
:icontwirlingthoughts:TwirlingThoughts 12 11
Mature content
Dinner for Two - Part One :iconmax-sab:max-sab 19 1
Zara Kane - Fan Art by ZaraKane Zara Kane - Fan Art :iconzarakane:ZaraKane 61 6
The Missing Tights (TG, AR, AP)
“If your daddy objects to you taking ballet,” Miss Valerie told her young disciple, “I'll have to invite him to dance along with us.” It seemed that her plan was working. Mr. Sales pulled up outside the dance school just in time for tea. His thin face was creased and furrowed. He wore a sweater vest that showed no signs of wear or lint. Valerie understood why Alan was afraid of him.
Miss Valerie calmly poured the hot water when suddenly her assistant burst through the door. “Do we have any more tights?” Kimiko asked.
“Eleanor lost hers yesterday and doesn't have another pair.”
“Will her mom pay?”
“She hasn't paid for the last set.”
“Shit, that's the third girl today. Just give her some.”
“My, aren't we generous today, madam.”
“Shut the fuck up and teach the class.” She pushed past Kimiko and greeted Mr. Sales at the door. “Mr. Sales, it's so wonderful to
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 335 17



Varian Milagro
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