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Cute lil demon girl eating sushi!

Zhan Tiri eating sushi


A Double Date


A Double Date

On a Saturday morning, Callie was getting ready for her date with Tyler A. Callie: This will be the best date ever! Tyler A said he’ll take me to R&R’s Great Eats and then Buenos Aires! I can’t wait! There was knocking at the door. Callie opened it. It was Tyler A holding a dozen roses. Callie: Hi, Tyler A! Callie noticed the roses. Callie: You really shouldn’t have. Tyler A: Oh, anything for my girl. Callie blushed and set the roses aside. Callie: So, are you ready? Tyler A: I was always ready! Callie and Tyler A headed out the door. ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile, in Corona, Zhan Tiri was getting ready for a date with Terrance. Zhan Tiri: Okay. This is it. We WON’T run into anyone who’ll try to stop the date...and us from ruling the world! Terrance flashed in with a dozen roses. Terrance: To you, my love. Zhan Tiri grabbed the roses and began blushing. Zhan Tiri: Awwww, Terrance! You really shouldn’t have! Terrance: Oh, but I had to for my beautiful lady. PLUS the Queen of

Terrance Meets Gothel


Terrance Meets Gothel

At the Great Tree, Zhan Tiri and Mother Gothel were planning their next move on Corona. Mother Gothel: Thanks again for resurrecting me, old friend. Now we can kidnap Anxelin and use her for her hair! I bet there’s some sundrop in her! Zhan Tiri: Brilliant! And maybe we should- Just then, Terrance walked in. He noticed Mother Gothel. Terrance: Ester? Mother Gothel: ...Terrance?! Zhan Tiri: Wait! You two know each other? Oh. That’s right. You’re Cassandra’s dad, Terrance. Why do I always keep forgetting that? Mother Gothel: Probably because Cassandra is always insignificant. Terrance: Exactly what I was thinking! Zhan Tiri: Well, I shall be going. I need to enact phase one of my plan to destroy Corona myself. Zhan Tiri flashed out. Mother Gothel: Terrance, WHAT are you doing here? Terrance: Well, Zhan Tiri is my girlfriend… soon to be wife. Mother Gothel: Oh really? You abandoned me some time ago, and now you go to Zhan Tiri? What are you up to? Terrance: I’m not up to

Tyler A's Shocking Secret


Tyler A's Shocking Secret

On a Friday afternoon, Callie and Tyler A were discussing their weekend plans. Callie: And tomorrow, I hope to help Zhan Tiri take over Corona. That Rapunzel won’t suspect anything! Tyler A: Well… My sister wants me to take her dress shopping tomorrow. Me listening to Ludmilla’s songs on YouMix for 4 hours suddenly won’t happen anymore. At least, though, her songs are ALWAYS on the radio at the mall. Callie: It might not be as bad as you think. You’ll probably get to have something at the food court. Right? Tyler A: Right! I LOVE the mall’s fried chicken. It was my second year of kindergarten that I first had it. Callie looked confused. Callie: Second year? Tyler A: Well, yeah. Didn’t you know? I was held back in kindergarten at Third Street School for… reasons I don’t really know why. I mean, Ms. Finster was my kindergarten teacher for my first year before she decided to teach first grade. But… We were usually on pretty good terms back then. Callie: Mmmmm… Does anyone else

Tyler A and Callie's Anniversary


Tyler A and Callie's Anniversary

Three years later, Callie and Tyler A were in Buenos Aires on their way to Studio On Beat. Callie: I can’t believe you’re taking me to the studio to see the reunion concert of the stars of Violetta for our anniversary of us dating! Tyler A: This took a LOT of planning. Since I had to BEG my dad to write me a permission slip so I can take off school the whole week to take you here. Callie: My mom was eager to write a permission slip so I could get off school for a week. I can’t deal with another day of Dana terrorizing me for being panromantic. Ever since she heard that Zhan Tiri now has a boyfriend, Dana’s convinced I’d steal her from Terrance. But that’s just not the case at all and Dana knows that. Tyler A: Besides! You have me! You will always love me too! Callie: Always! Tyler A: Now, the studio should be right over here still… Tyler A and Callie headed up to Studio On Beat and went in. Callie: This looks the same as ever! Pablo went up to Callie and Tyler A. Pablo:

Terrance taking over!

Terrance destroying the world


The Next gen cutest couple

Tyler A giving Callie a kiss on the cheek


The OG cutest couple

Varian giving Cassandra flowers


Cute origami siblings

King Olly and Olivia


Namco Adventures (Chapter 3)


Namco Adventures (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3: Ms. Pac-Man NOTE FOR EVERYONE: I know that the text rendition of the Pac-Man attract screen was pretty cool, but I won’t be able to do it for the other games because of text editing limitations. The Namcoator smiles. “Young player, I have your prize here.” Gus releases Jackie and turns towards the Namcoator as he reaches behind his back. After rummaging for two seconds, the Namcoator reveals Gus’s prize: a golden trophy of Pac-Man himself. “Cool!” Gus takes the trophy from the Namcoator and inspects it. “This is awesome!” Jackie smiles. The Namcoator then turns to Jackie. “Now then. The second challenge is the Ms. Pac-Man challenge. You, Jackie Johnson, shall be undertaking this challenge.” “Hold on.” states Jackie. “Am I just going to be doing the same thing as Gusie?” “Not quite.” explains the Namcoator. “Since Ms. Pac-Man was created as a sequel to Pac-Man, there will be a few differences between the challenges. You shall experience them as you complete the

Transtrouble (Final Chapter)


Transtrouble (Final Chapter)

Final Chapter: Becoming a Harvey Girl The next day, Amanda is at her new home relaxing on the living room couch. Her head is laying on her hands, and her right leg is in a triangular position with her left leg crossing it. As she rests, she suddenly hears a knock on the front door. Amanda stands up and walks over to the door and opens it, revealing to be the Harvey Girls. "Sup, Amanda!" Audrey greeted as the other Harvey Girls waved their hands. "Oh. Hey, Audrey. Hey, Dot. Hey, Lotta," Amanda greeted back. "What brings you girls here?" "Well, now that Audrey told everyone the truth about you, and you both reconciled afterwards, how was your day so far?" Dot asked. "It was great!" cheered the trans girl. "People treated me nicely! The Bloogey Boys did not question me not even once, the other girls were comfortable around me and even spoke to me, and Lucretia… well… she still kept asking me about my… ding dong." The Harvey Girls immediately knew what Amanda was referring to when

Transtrouble (Chapter 8)


Transtrouble (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8: The Apology Later after school, Audrey and Amanda are at the middle of the park ready to call the attention of the Harvey Street children. Behind them is a boombox which the microphone Audrey is holding is wirelessly connected to. Audrey looks at Amanda, and the trans girl gives her a nod of approval. Amanda turns on the boombox, and Audrey starts speaking: "Um, testing one two! Testing one two! May I have your attention, everyone?" Soon, the entire street, including Dot and Lotta, come over, confused about what is going on now. The two Harvey girls look rather unimpressed, still upset at Audrey for having the audacity to spit hateful lies about Amanda the previous day. As all of the kids are listening, Audrey resumes talking, "Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you're having a great day! Now does remember our good ol' pal Amanda here?" She points at Amanda who waved nervously at the audience. Immediately, the children express their dislike and disgust towards Amanda
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I created 7 Loud House fan series and 2 Tangled the Series fan series, Tangled the Series: the Next Generation and Tangled the Series 2. The Loudest House!, A Loud Genderswap!, Stuck With the Millers, Loud House: Next Generation, Lisa Loud: The High School Years, Life of a Hugh, Callie & Zhan Tiri, The Rise of Supervillain Lisa (miniseries), and Miraculous Goldiebug and Foop Noir (miniseries).!_Wiki!_Wiki

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Terrance emojis

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Callie and Zhan Tiri episodes (updated)

Callie and Zhan Tiri episodes (updated)

Updated list of the Callie & Zhan Tiri episodes: Season 1 1. Callie Comes Out Callie tells Tyler A she's panromantic and also likes Zhan Tiri. Meanwhile, Zhan Tiri gets the ultimate power and threatens Varian and Cassandra. 2. Meet the Parents Callie and Tyler A get their parents together to meet, to disastrous results. Meanwhile, Dominic attempts to get revenge on Zhan Tiri for abandoning him when he was young. 3. Zhan Tiri and Callie Rule! Zhan Tiri and Callie plan to take over Corona, to the fear of Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene. 4. Callie's Nightmares Callie starts having nightmares about Tyler A and Zhan Tiri killing each other when they first officially meet, to Poof and Anti-Goldie's concern. 5. Callie Gets Help After Poof and Anti-Goldie suspect something wrong with Callie, they schedule therapy sessions with Lizzie for Callie, to her surprise. 6. Callie and Tyler A's First Date Callie and Tyler A have their first date at Robert and Riley's restaurant.

The Harvey Kids (in the Loud House)

The Harvey Kids (in the Loud House)

The Harvey Kids in the Loud House style.

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hi i have request you can acepted my request pls

I don't do requests. Sorry.

Have you ever considered bringing back the Legion of Stationery for one of your fanfics?

Hmmm... probably not. Since in my series, King Olly and Olivia become human and never saw their video game friends again.

Hey there how are you?

Fine, but if you're gonna spam something about one of your lame fanfics, I don't wanna hear it. Sorry.

Ok, well I started a new fanfic series called The Fairly Odd Avatar: The Chosen One and it's a crossover between The Casagrandes, The Fairly Odd Parents, The Loud House, T.U.F.F Puppy, Chalkzone, Danny Phantom, SpongeBob SquarePants, Bunsen is a Beast, Breadwinners, Wayside, and Harvey Beaks.